BioReference Laboratories, Inc. Provides Guidance for FY13 and Q4FY13 Anticipated Results

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ELMWOOD PARK, N.J., Nov. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioReference Laboratories, Inc. (Nasdaq:BRLI) today provided a preview of revenues and earnings per share expected for its FY13 and Q4FY13.

Despite continued strong volume growth, the Company believes there is an ongoing recalibration of reimbursement for the industry, which has resulted in substantial downward pressure from many payers regarding reimbursement in FY13. In addition, increased infrastructure expenses related to upgrading acquisitions in Florida and California and the launch of the Company's inherited cancer program that occurred too late in the period to meaningfully contribute to revenue in Q4FY13 also contributed to the results and for the quarter as well as guidance for the upcoming Fiscal Year.

Over the past year, the Company has had to negotiate contract modifications to reimbursement rates, conditions of payment and / or eligibility with dozens of health plans representing a substantial numbers of lives nationwide; most of these changes became effective toward the end of FY13 and especially in Q4FY13. The Company believes factors contributing to such pressure include the CMS proposed changes to reimbursements in July 2013, the changes in the Blue Card program, the tumult created in healthcare by the challenges of, and to, the Affordable Care Act and the three-week shutdown of the government.

In addition to reimbursement changes, the Company had significant additional expenses during the quarter resulting from several factors. The Company completed infrastructure expansions related to acquisitions in Florida and California, which the Company anticipates will result in an extraordinary one-time expense without offsetting revenue generation. Going forward, however, the Company expects to realize efficiencies and growth from the expanded infrastructure. There were also substantial start-up costs related to its GeneDx inherited cancer program, which includes tests for the BRCA genes; these expenses include substantial legal expenses associated with the roll-out and on-going defense of this program. The program was announced in late August and the Company has received highly favorable provider response and indications of acceptance. Nonetheless, the program did not have time to meaningfully contribute to Q4FY13 revenues although the Company anticipates this will be a strong program throughout FY2014.

The Company also indicated that patient volume continued to show strength and tracked well with growth patterns of prior fiscal years. On a year-over-year basis, the Company expects to report Q4FY13 patient volume grew 15% over Q4FY12 (12% when allowing for lost growth due to Super Storm Sandy). The Company further expects to report revenue per patient for non-genetic tests trended downward by about 4% in Q4FY13 compared to previous reimbursement levels for the same tests in Q3FY13. Based on preliminary analysis, the Company expects to report revenues of approximately $192,000,000 for Q4FY13 (compared to $163,487,347 for Q4FY12 (reported as $176,052,000 prior to the 954 accounting adjustment)) and anticipates earnings per share to be approximately $.40 per share for Q4FY13 (compared to $.46 per share for Q4FY12) and approximately $1.65 per share for FY13 (compared to $1.51 for FY12). These earnings-per-share numbers are not final and are subject to further adjustment as they are finalized.

Based on the Company's recent experience, the Company expects that its guidance for 2014 will call for an increase in net revenues of 10%, an increase in patient volume of 10% and an increase in net income of 10%. The Company notes, however, that this guidance may be subject to adjustment in the event that CMS (Medicare) makes any significant changes to the Physician Fee schedules for 2014 (originally scheduled to be announced in early November, but delayed due to the Government shutdown in October).

Marc D. Grodman, M.D., CEO, commented: "We believe there is a disconnect between the innovative, clinically relevant services our industry offers and the decreasing value placed on them by the payer community as demonstrated by changes in reimbursement rates and conditions. I believe this is true for all providers across the healthcare spectrum. Although BioReference Laboratories is not immune from these pressures, we are continuing to grow at this time and we expect to continue to be a profitable, valuable, cutting edge healthcare enterprise, which will adapt to the changing environment. We seized upon the opportunity to introduce our Inherited Cancers program to the market as soon as possible and believe that our strong capabilities as a leading genetics laboratory with a significant franchise in oncology and women's health is a distinct advantage. As we have done in the past, we took on the expense of accelerating our time to enter the market despite the cost of doing so because the market was available. We have done the same in building capabilities and infrastructure in order to service markets in Florida and California. Unlike other times, these investments corresponded with a distinct change in the payer and reimbursement landscape. Nonetheless, while considering the realities of the market, we will continue to seek and commit to remaining a differentiating factor in the diagnostic marketplace."

The Company expects to release earnings and host a year-end conference call on December 19, 2013.

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