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Thanksgiving dinner could be getting healthier

Althea Chang

Better food options will be appearing on tables this Thanksgiving, recent data suggest.

In particular, more menus will include brussels sprouts, kale and quinoa, according to Yummly, a recipe-sharing website.

Based on recent search trends on the site, the company predicts that requests for recipes that include those items will be at least 30 percent higher this Thanksgiving than last year.

In addition, trends indicate that interest in dishes for those on low-carbohydrate and paleo diets (which emphasize meat and greens), will be up about 50 percent, according to Yummly's user data.

The data include recipe searches conducted by its 10 million users, as well as a more detailed Thanksgiving survey of about 1,000 users, the company said.

There could be less food on the Thanksgiving dinner menu, as well. Of survey respondents who said they're hosting the meal, about 29 percent said they planned to have fewer dishes—about three to five on average, according to Yummly.

--By Althea Chang

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