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The market's weekly winners and losers

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Winners and losers: Black Friday edition

How do you get ahead? Try being an investor rather than a low-wage worker. That's a fact of life as American as Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and rammed home by this holiday edition of the weekly roll of market winners and losers.

Those frantically shopping on Black Friday aren't simply shrewd consumers out for the best deal. There's a hint of desperation—and, unfortunately, sometimes mayhem—in the one day of the year that the weakened purchasing power of average people gets a boost. The struggles of the typical worker (let alone the unemployed) aren't captured in the seemingly unstoppable bull market. And the housing market rebound hasn't necessarily benefited rank-and-file, often underwater, homeowners.

Here are this week's biggest market winners and losers as seen through the eyes of CNBC's Executive Edge, and no surprise for the official start of holiday shopping season, the retail industry looms large.

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