Indianapolis Veterinarian Reminds Pet Owners to Schedule Pre-Holiday Grooming, Vaccinations

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An Indianapolis veterinarian wants to make sure that area pet owners make the appropriate arrangements for their animals to receive grooming, vaccinations and other wellness care before the holiday activity begins. According to Dr. Mike Graves of Binford Pet Wellness Clinic, grooming becomes a highly sought-after service for the holiday season, while up-to-date vaccinations are a prerequisite for pet boarding, another popular option at this time of year. "We want people to know that now is the time to make these arrangements, before all the available slots are reserved," he says.

Dr. Graves explains that many pet owners who may not normally prioritize grooming suddenly recognize the need for it as the holiday season looms on the calendar. "People who are getting ready to receive guests or throw holiday parties often realize that their pet has a matted, shaggy coat, jagged toenails or a serious odor problem," he says. The vet adds that this belated concern places a strain on the clinic's grooming services as all reservations become quickly filled. As a result, many pets do not receive the baths, haircuts, anal gland expression, toenail trimming or other essential grooming services they need in time to greet guests.

Grooming matters for more than purely aesthetic reasons, Dr. Graves is quick to point out. "Dogs and cats who are overdue from a grooming session may also be missing out on an important wellness inspection, because it gives us a chance to look for skin issues, eye or ear infections, parasitic infestations and other potential health problems," he says. The clinic tries to communicate the need to book grooming appointments early, usually by sending out emails to its clientele. Even so, argues the vet, pets should receive proper grooming as a critical aspect of their wellness care, regardless of the season.

Dr. Graves also tries to impress on clients the need to schedule all required vaccinations or vaccination updates in advance of the holidays, especially if owners plan to board their pets while they travel. He notes that most boarding facilities require documented proof that all a pet's core vaccinations are up to date before accepting the pet into the facility, for the sake of the other boarders' health. "It is important to schedule all vaccinations before the date of your boarding reservation, or your pet may end up with no place to stay and no one to take care of him," he warns. The Indianapolis veterinarian adds that his clinic will attempt to provide as many vaccinations as possible between now and the holidays.

In addition to pet grooming and vaccinations, Binford Pet Wellness Clinic offers a variety of other services such as dental care, spay and neuter surgery, pest prevention, microchipping and emergency treatment for Indianapolis pets.

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