Oakland Park Veterinarian Urges Holiday Pet Safety

OAKLAND PARK, Fla., Dec. 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veterinarian Dr. Spencer Ratnoff of Oakland Park Animal Hospital warns pet owners to take extra care that their pets stay safe during the holidays. He says there are many extra dangers for pets at this time of year because of all the holiday foods, decorations, trees, company, unusual schedules, etc. He also adds a word of caution to those who may be planning to give animals as gifts to friends or family members. Dr. Ratnoff says that it is always wonderful to adopt an animal in need of a home, but it is important to make all the necessary preparations first.

The Oakland Park veterinarian says the holidays are always a busy time at his animal hospital. "With visitors coming and going out of the home, with all the different types of foods and strings of lights, tinsel, plants, etc., there always seem to be pets getting into trouble this time of year."

The first thing Dr. Ratnoff mentions is how pets frequently struggle with poisonings and gastrointestinal stress during the holidays. He urges pet owners to keep pets away from chocolate, onions, avocados, raisins, bread dough and sweets as these are toxic to pets. Dr. Ratnoff says pet owners should keep their pets on their regularly-scheduled pet food diet to avoid illnesses.

Dr. Ratnoff also cautions people to keep holiday decorations out of reach. Strings of lights and candles can cause shocks, burns and fire hazards. Ornaments, tinsel and wrapping paper can become deadly intestinal blockages if curious pets swallow them. Trees should be anchored so they are not easy to knock over, and all house plants should be kept out of reach to prevent poisonings.

Dr. Ratnoff adds that some pets can get stressed out by all the holiday comings and goings, and that some have been known to escape and get lost in the hullabaloo. He recommends that pets have a dedicated, quiet room or kennel somewhere in the home. This is a place they can relax safely if they start to feel stressed. He says this is a good way to help pets stay safe during holiday parties. Dr. Ratnoff adds that families who are going out of town or who will be extra busy over the holidays should consider pet boarding as well.

Finally, the Oakland Park veterinarian says that families who plan to adopt a pet over the holidays should make sure to prepare well before bringing the new pet home. "Remember, pets are living creatures—they need proper food, water, shelter, veterinary care and most of all, lots of love."

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