By the Numbers

Strong sell bias stays with insiders as market hits highs

Adam Gault | OJO images | Getty Images

A strong sell bias continues among company insiders across the market, as stocks breach trough historic levels.

The is up 26 percent year-to-date, tracking for its best yearly gain in a decade. Other market indexes such as the Nasdaq, Russell 2000 and Dow transportation average are up more than 32 percent this year, respectively. The S&P, Dow, Russell and transports are trading at or near record highs, while the Nasdaq crossed the 4,000 mark for the first time in 13 years.

As the market continues to gain steam, corporate insiders are unwinding their positions at a similar rate. Research firm InsiderScore highlights that the sentiment being displayed is not surprising given the market backdrop along with tax season approaching, but emphasizes that investors should not lose sight of the trend and continue to drill down on individual companies.