SHIFT Freight is the Future of the Less-Than-Truckload Industry

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif., Dec. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In 1998, travelers were introduced to JetBlue, an airline known for stellar customer service and upbeat campaigns. A year later, shoppers were introduced to Zappos, an online retailer with a consumer-centric business model and lively corporate atmosphere. In 2013, 3PLs were introduced to SHIFT Freight, a company dedicated to changing how companies think about moving freight.

Headquartered in Southern California, SHIFT Freight moves customers' less-than-truckload shipments across the country with the best customer experience in freight. The company exclusively works with third-party logistics companies (3PLs), partnering with only the best 3PLs in the industry to sell their services so they can focus entirely on moving the freight. Transforming the stagnant transportation industry with its unrivaled customer service and innovation, SHIFT has changed what 3PLs expect from their LTL carrier partners.

Unlike many of its peers, SHIFT is dedicated to creating an extraordinary customer experience through an upbeat corporate atmosphere and commitment to meeting the needs of the customer. Starting with just a handful of employees, Vice President Tommy Skinner and the SHIFT management team have implemented a very selective, thorough team member screening process aligned with their vision for the SHIFT Freight family based on ambition, chemistry and charisma.

"We're crazy about our customers. Building fun relationships with them, getting things done right the first time and communicating constantly is extremely important to being the best," said Skinner. "Our employees take their jobs very seriously but have fun and keep the shipment process refreshing and of a high quality."

Beyond employees having friendly and accurate conversations with 3PL clients, SHIFT's approach goes further with features that are unique for the freight industry like playing a gnarly guitar riff as hold music, having one of the best-designed websites in freight, using bold colors and fun statements for branding, Tweeting and posting pictures of their team on Facebook, and constantly asking customers how they're doing.

"Every day we send out tons of Love Notes to ask people how we did on shipments. We get really excited when customers give us feedback, even if it's about how something didn't go perfectly," said Skinner. "We're constantly looking for ways to get better and getting notes about when a customer's needs weren't completely met or when we made somebody's day is extremely helpful for our people. I think it shows that the customer cares about the relationship beyond that one shipment."

SHIFT Freight also has a market-leading give back program where a 3PL can dedicate a shipment back to one of dozens of causes on SHIFT's website and in turn, the company will donate to that cause in their honor.

"We're one of the only carriers to offer a philanthropic program like this," said Skinner. "We take our responsibility to make the world a better place seriously and know that small acts like dedicating a shipment to a cause you're crazy passionate about can make a big difference. It's easy for us and for our customers to take 30 seconds to do it, but the benefit to the groups it supports is tremendous."

Through shifting the freight experience with its services, the company expects to grow to over 4x its current size in 2014. Already in 2013 they have opened up multiple new service areas, with goals to open up even more in the rest of the year and throughout 2014.

"We're always excited when we get feedback from customers saying they love what we do and wished we serviced other lanes they ship in so they'd have better options to move their goods," said Skinner. "Don't worry, it's coming."

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About SHIFT Freight

Based in Southern California, SHIFT Freight moves less-than-truckload shipments across the country exclusively for 3PLs. SHIFT Freight prides itself on superior customer service and innovation, providing a better experience than what customers have come to expect in freight. For more information on SHIFT Freight, visit Tweet with them on Twitter at or be friendly with them on Facebook at

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