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COMMERCE, Calif., Dec. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Unified Grocers, the largest wholesale grocery distributor in the western United States, has selected Nielsen as its analytics and insights provider. Under the terms of the contract, Nielsen will provide Unified with data analytics tools for the exclusive use of its retail partners.

"Unified is pleased to work with Nielsen," says Sue Klug, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Unified Grocers. "Using Nielsen's best-in-class analytics services is a game-changer. The relationship with Nielsen gives our retailers a real strategic advantage. The sophisticated tools available through Nielsen mean we can help our retailers drive their topline sales, and that's a win-win because when our retailers sell more, we do too."

Approximately 700 stores have agreed to allow Unified to collect their data as part of its exciting new program "Scan Advantage ... powered by Unified." Unified will use Nielsen's analytics to help these stores better understand how and why customers make choices, including their purchase decisions and shopping patterns.

Marie Lopez, Director of Consumer Insights, is leading "Scan Advantage." She says, "Unified supports our retailers by providing a wide range of products and services that are tailored to meet their specific needs. 'Scan Advantage' is the latest example of our commitment to help our retail partners maximize sales and efficiencies."

"By sharing their point-of-sale information with us, we'll be able to provide participating retailers with deeper insights into customer purchasing patterns and help them quickly identify category growth opportunities," adds Lopez. "We're confident that having access to this rich source of actionable data will drive incremental sales for our retailers and for Unified."

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