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'Tis the season for tips on tipping

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Don't skip the tip

Finding a way to give to every name on your list this holiday season can be a challenge, especially on the tight budgets that accompany a tough economy. But one thing you should prioritize is the holiday gratuity to the people who walk your dog, cut your hair, and even deliver packages to your front door.

We asked two different etiquette experts—Anna Post of the Emily Post Institute and Diane Gottsman of the Protocol School of Texas—to give their guidelines on what and how much you should give.

Post and Gottsman urge you to think about the people who are often out of sight and out of mind, like garbage collectors, newspaper deliverers or other people who provide important services you may not be aware of right away.

While not mandatory, holiday gratuities and gifts show people you appreciate their service, raise morale and encourage loyalty.

"Think of this as an opportunity, not an obligation," Post said.

Click ahead to see whom to tip and how much you should give.

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—By Robert Ferris, Special to

Posted 4 Dec. 2013

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