Microsoft working on a smart bra to stop stress-tied eating

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Microsoft is trying to create the ultimate wonder bra. Seriously.

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The tech company is working on a smart bra that can reduce stress, according to a report from the BBC.

Basically, the bra contains sensors that track heart and skin activity to indicate levels of stress. The sensors wirelessly communicate with the user's smartphone and alert the person when they are more prone to partake in "emotional eating."

Like I said, the ultimate wonder bra.

But don't queue up at the mall for a smart bra just yet. The company says it doesn't intend to create a stress-sensing bra for the masses.

"The bra sensing system is just one instance of a class of work from a group of Microsoft researchers that is focused on the broader topic of affective computing, or designing devices and services that are sensitive to people's moods and react accordingly," a Microsoft spokesman said in an email to CNBC. "While we will continue our research in affective computing, Microsoft has no plans to develop a bra with sensors."

Read more details about the bra sensor concept on the BBC's website.

By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson.

Ryan Ruggiero contributed to this article.