More technology equals more risk in 2014: IDC

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Weaker-than-expected demand has made 2013 a tough year for the IT market, but a new study suggests spending on Internet Communications and Technology will surge next year.

According to International Data Corporation's latest report titled IDC Asia/Pacific ICT 2014 Top Ten Predictions, emerging markets will play a key role in driving spending in the region 8.7 percent higher next year.

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"India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and China are the five top growth markets for IT spending. In terms of the requirements they have in emerging markets a very high proportion of spending will be on mobile devices," Sandra Ng, IDC Asia Pacific's Group Vice President told CNBC.

This regional shift towards emerging markets will also prompt a shift in spending habits in other areas of the IT market, Sandra said.

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"We think that when it comes to wearable [technology], Asia will pick up faster than other parts of the world because I think Asians in general are more open to the whole wearable concept. The second would be online commerce because in emerging markets you don't necessarily have accessibility to retail stores and even if you do, the might not have stocks for the latest products," she said.

And it's not just the technology and retail sectors under threat from innovation; IDC says no market is safe and that failure to continuously invest in third platform technologies such as cloud, mobile, social and big data services will put even the largest companies behind the 8-ball.

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But technological changes are usually accompanied by greater risk. IDC predicts that by 2015 the increasingly frequent application of these technologies to meet business demands will heighten the risk of project failure to 'unacceptable levels'.

"We believe that more and more organizations will be deploying multi-dimensional technologies what we call 'mashups', which is really a combination of cloud, analytics, mobile, social all a combination. This is a lot more complex than just deploying mobility, or just deploying cloud as a stand-alone technology area. Secondly it's the pace of change which is definitely accelerating, and Asia/Pacific is definitely the most competitive market in the world. These two factors come into play and the risk factor of problems and security breaches increases," Sandra said.

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Along with spending on IT services and platforms, IDC says companies will also need to spend more on educating staff and establishing new risk mitigation strategies.

"It's not so much about spending more on security or governance it's more about what we call 'architecture' that can actually help an organization to put in place the processes to minimize the possibility of a security breach," she added.

—By CNBC's Julia Wood. Follow her on twitter @JuliaCNBC