MOBI Wireless Management Announces Merger with Bluefish Wireless, Inc.

MOBI Wireless Management

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MOBI Wireless Management, a Gartner recognized provider of Mobility Management Services, and Bluefish Wireless, Inc., a Mobility Management provider specializing in carrier and enterprise partnerships, announced today that they are executing a merger agreement. The complementary combination of MOBI and Bluefish Wireless will further solidify the combined entity's trajectory in becoming the leader in Mobility Management Services for the enterprise mobility management industry.

The combined entities will conduct business under the MOBI Wireless Management brand. MOBI CEO and Co-founder, Scott Kraege, will lead the combined organization. "Bluefish Wireless Management is an innovative and seasoned organization with strong relationships with important players in the mobility ecosphere. Our years of close partnership have created an opportunity for a seamless transition into a shared focus," says Kraege.

Today's announcement consecrates years of partnership and synergies. The combined company, MOBI, will have an expanded customer base, greater organizational efficiency, and tighter collaboration among some of the leading experts and technology developers in the mobility management market. The MMS space is expanding rapidly; Gartner estimates mobility management services will scale from $500M in 2013 to $3.4B by 2016.

Bluefish and MOBI share the same five founding partners and ownership group. Bluefish Managing Partner, Michael Browning, "although we've pursued different MMS market segments at MOBI and Bluefish, there's been increasingly more and more opportunities for collaboration between the two companies. As we've watched our customers' needs evolve, the list of reasons to combine these companies has become very compelling. The five of us have worked side by side for more than 12 years managing a range of mobility management initiatives. The idea of refocusing as a team on MOBI's single vision is incredibly exciting to us."

The exceptional recent success of MOBI has lead to the decision to move forward under the MOBI brand. This success includes:

  • MOBI's high marks and recognition by Gartner in the first ever "Managed Mobility Services Magic Quadrant"
  • MOBI's recent additions of large enterprise mobility management customers
  • MOBI's Efficiency First® Certification awarded by AOTMP, the leading authority on driving performance into enterprise fixed and mobile telecom environments

"As an objective outside observer, I believe the merger of MOBI and Bluefish wireless will bolster the combined organization's ability to provide its enterprise customers with value," said Timothy C. Colwell, AOTMP Senior Vice President of Global Business Analytics. "It is an exciting time in the enterprise mobility management industry and market moves like this result in added benefits for enterprise organizations who look to organizations outside of their own for mobility and telecom support."

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