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10 cool American-made gifts to give—and get—this holiday

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Cool 'Made in USA' gifts to give and get

As the appeal of a "Made in USA" label gains steam, more merchants are using the holidays as an important time to showcase American-made goods. Whether it's online marketplaces or in-store spaces devoted to domestically made items, consumers have more choices for buying these U.S. goods.

"The holiday season is the ideal time to focus our shopping by seeking the 'Made in USA' label because when it comes to gifts, we have a lot of flexibility in our spending," said blogger Sarah Wagner, who focuses on domestically made goods. Two years ago, Wagner launched USA Love List, a website devoted to sourcing U.S. made items ranging from apparel to pet food.

"If consumers realize how good they feel about buying or receiving gifts made here, they will then take the time to at least look for and ask for the 'Made in USA' label during the rest of the year," Wagner said.

So with the holiday countdown on, click ahead to see 10 eye-catching products—from men's suit jackets to hand-forged copper bowls—curated with the help of Wagner and the USA Love List team. Prices range from $12 nail polish to $575 suit blazers. And of course, all the goods are American made.

—By CNBC's Heesun Wee. Follow her on Twitter @heesunwee.
Posted 7 Dec. 2013

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