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10 cool American-made gifts to give—and get—this holiday

Cool 'Made in USA' gifts to give and get

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As the appeal of a "Made in USA" label gains steam, more merchants are using the holidays as an important time to showcase American-made goods. Whether it's online marketplaces or in-store spaces devoted to domestically made items, consumers have more choices for buying these U.S. goods.

"The holiday season is the ideal time to focus our shopping by seeking the 'Made in USA' label because when it comes to gifts, we have a lot of flexibility in our spending," said blogger Sarah Wagner, who focuses on domestically made goods. Two years ago, Wagner launched USA Love List, a website devoted to sourcing U.S. made items ranging from apparel to pet food.

"If consumers realize how good they feel about buying or receiving gifts made here, they will then take the time to at least look for and ask for the 'Made in USA' label during the rest of the year," Wagner said.

So with the holiday countdown on, click ahead to see 10 eye-catching products—from men's suit jackets to hand-forged copper bowls—curated with the help of Wagner and the USA Love List team. Prices range from $12 nail polish to $575 suit blazers. And of course, all the goods are American made.

—By CNBC's Heesun Wee. Follow her on Twitter @heesunwee.
Posted 7 Dec. 2013

1. Hot nail color

Image Source: Mint Polish

Plenty of cosmetics are American-made. Examples include colorful nail lacquers available from Mint Polish, which offer high pigment colors in cute, perfume-style packaging. The nail lacquers, which retail for about $12 each, are free of nasty chemicals found in some other polishes such as formaldehyde. Colors include a neutral "Pass the Scone" to a hot pink "Dirty Shirley." And all of their polishes are proudly brewed and bottled in the U.S.

2. Cup of joe, please

Image Source: USA Coffee Company

The USA Coffee Company features gourmet Hawaiian coffee and coffee products. Their Hawaiian coffee plantations also use environmentally friendly practices. Fresh coffee skins are composted and used for weed control, or turned into mulch to replenish nutrients back into the soil. They also recycle all water used to wash the coffee fruit and roast the beans. An 8-ounce bag of coffee beans retails for around $11.95 and up. They also offer patriotic gift baskets.

3. Have golf bag, will travel

For the golf enthusiasts in your life, Club Glove offers a large, collapsible bag that's 10.6 pounds, and can accommodate nearly any golf bag and up to a 47" driver. The bag also features extra thick foam padding and a patented high-impact plastic wheel base that cradles and shields the bottom of the bag. The travel bag retails for $299, and there's also room for gear and golf accessories. Club Glove products are used by many golfers, professionals and amateurs alike. Fore!

4. Play things

Natural wooden dollhouse by Elves & Angels
Image Source: Elves & Angels

If you've got little ones to buy for, consider wooden toys from Elves & Angels. They offer a range of toys including a $49.99 kitchen stove, dollhouses starting at $199, farm and stable sets as low as $18 and large "playstands" starting at $60. All the toys are handcrafted in Maine, using pine and locally milled hardwood.

5. For gardeners

Image Source: Citizen Native

Built using traditional blacksmithing techniques, Citizen Native offers handcrafted garden tools you'd be hard pressed to find in big box retailers. The garden tools' steel is heated then forged and shaped over an anvil with a hammer. All joinery is done using solid steel rivets. Hand-turned handles are made with American black walnut, a durable strong wood with a tight grain. A tool set of five retails for around $221.

6. You need a drink

Image Source: Bully Boy Distillers

If the holidays are stressing you out, maybe you need a swig of Bully Boy. Owned and operated by brothers Will and Dave Willis, Boston-based Bully Boy hand-produces premium spirits in small batches, emphasizing quality over quantity. The brothers were inspired by their childhood home and fourth-generation working family farm. During Prohibition, the farm was home to a collection of local artisan spirits, stored in a vault in the farmhouse basement. Bully Boy spirits are available at select retailers on the East Coast. Vodka and rum retail for around $29.99 a bottle, with aged whiskey retailing for roughly $37.99.

7. Well suited

Image Source: Club Monaco

Men and women alike can appreciate the drape and quality of a well-made suit. So instead of digging through a bargain bin for a lumpy jacket, consider splurging on a classy option from Club Monaco. Items include $575 suit blazers, $225 trousers and old-school $195 waistcoats.

8. What time is it?

Image Source: Shinola

Watches are popular gift choices and Shinola offers American-made timepieces. Shinola opened a watch factory in Detroit and produces handcrafted watches, bikes and other accessories. The pictured mode with a tan alligator strap and white dial retails for around $950.

9. For foodies

Image Source: Barn Light Electric

Florida-based Barn Light Electric, which makes porcelain lighting (a rarity in the U.S.) also produces industrial home décor. One example is a 5-piece set of hand-spun, solid copper nesting bowls. The prepware includes a copper egg beating bowl, pudding bowl, dry goods mixing bowl, serving dish and a single serving bowl. These reactive bowls are preferred by chefs to whip eggs and prepare puddings and more. The bowls retail for around $450.

10. Top it off

Jackman Hat by Bailey of Hollywood
Image Source: Bailey of Hollywood

For the sartorial men in your life, consider a dapper hat. Bailey of Hollywood offers a range of casual and dressy styles. A popular item is the Jackman fedora. The felt hats are made using minimal external trim and are slightly slimmer than Bailey's normal felt hats. This line of hats come with a convenient travel bag. The hat retails for around $100.