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All I want for Christmas is... a new iPad?

Craig Giammona, Special to CNBC
Holidays are more about gifting than trading: CEO

This could be turning into an iPad Christmas.

During the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the gadget-buyback website saw iPad trade-ins nearly triple from the same period last year, CEO Israel Ganot told CNBC.

And the big surge in trade-ins could mean that consumers will buy newer Apple models, either for themselves or to give as gifts.

"We're seeing a lot of of tablets getting traded in, but predominantly we're seeing second-generation and third-generation iPads," Ganot said. "We're clearly seeing iPads and tablets as a new growth category for us."

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Consumers typically sell their older gadgets to Gazelle this time of year to "get some cash to buy gifts for the holidays," Ganot said.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
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The number of customers trading in Samsung phones on Gazelle also nearly tripled and while the company doesn't have data on what those customers spent their cash on, Ganot suspects Apple will benefit.

"We continue to see really nice growth overall in smartphones," Ganot said. "Samsung is especially growing fast."

He added: "I think this is going to be a great quarter for Apple, we'll see the results in a couple of months."

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Gazelle recently conducted a consumer survey that found 33 percent of its costumers expect to give or receive a tablet this Christmas, compared to 27 percent for laptops and desktops, 22 percent for smartphones and 18 percent for eReaders.

By Craig Giammona, Special to