Burgers gone buggy: the Grass-Whopper craze

Craig Giammona, Special to CNBC
Toasted crickets on blue corn tostada is just one of the items offered at Antojeria La Popular restaurant.
Source: Antojeria la Popular

New York City has a new food craze, and its key ingredient has six legs, the New York Post reported.

The "Grass-Whopper," a burger with pan-fried crickets, is drawing big crowds at Antojeria La Popular, a Mexican restaurant in the SoHo neighborhood, the New York Post reported.

"It's ridiculous. People are coming from everywhere to try it," said Marco Shalma, the restaurant's director of operations, to the paper.

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When the restaurant introduced it last week, it initially sold about 20 Grass-Whoppers a day, Shalma said. Now, customers are snapping up about 100 Grass Whoppers per day.

After being fried in a skillet, the crickets are topped with Chihuahua cheese, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayonnaise and onion, said the restaurant's owner Regina Galvanduque.

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Interestingly, Galvanduque told the Post that "in Mexico, crickets are our caviar."

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