Rising Cost of Traffic Tickets in California, Warns Mr. Ticket, Traffic Ticket Attorney

Mr. Ticket

Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Traffic ticket attorney, Mr. Ticket, warns California drivers of the rising cost of traffic tickets. Over the past two decades, traffic tickets have risen dramatically. Some tickets have doubled in cost while others are now four times higher than they were in 1993. Newly increased costs associated with traffic tickets can have far-reaching consequences for a driver's budget and immediate and lasting effects on a driver's record. Mr. Ticket, Los Angeles reckless driving lawyer, can help.

About Mr. Ticket, Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Amir Soleimanian, or Mr. Ticket, is a top Los Angeles speeding ticket attorney. He was in the auto industry for more than two decades and has unique insights and viewpoints that can help drivers fight back more effectively. He has the tools and the skills needed to defend both private and commercial drivers and is prepared to fight any charges they are facing. Visit http://www.trafficticketattorneylosangeles.com for more information.

Running a red light today can cost as much as $500 while running a stop sign may be more than $200, according to Mr. Ticket, traffic ticket attorney. Tickets for speeding have also risen dramatically and are nearly eight times higher than they were just 20 years ago. The newly increased traffic ticket fines can be attributed at least in part to penalty assessments, which are often used to fund various projects, but can create financial hardships for those who receive them.

Traffic ticket attorney, Mr. Ticket, works with drivers who are facing often-unexpected costs associated with their traffic tickets. Challenging tickets in court can often help drivers avoid some or all of the associated fees and penalties. It can also help drivers keep points off their licenses.

Points that are assessed against a license can increase insurance rates, and when a driver has accumulated enough points, he or she may be at risk of losing his or her driver's license. A suspended or revoked license can have serious consequences for drivers. Losing a license can be frustrating or difficult for private drivers who must then locate new ways to get to work and continue their daily lives. However, it can prove catastrophic for commercial drivers who depend on their licenses for work. Fighting traffic tickets is the best way to avoid having points assessed against a license.

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