Middletown Veterinarian Announces Holiday "Pet Spa" Promotions

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y., Dec. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ani-Mall Veterinary Hospital announced three new pet spa promotions in conjunction with the upcoming holiday season. Pets that are boarded with the animal hospital for seven or more days will receive a free bath. If pet owners board two or more pets, the second pet will receive a $2 per day discount. As the third promotion, pet owners will receive a $10 "makeover" card after they book four appointments at the animal hospital's "Pet Spa." As an ongoing promotion, new clients who are referred to the spa receive a $12 credit towards future grooming sessions; current clients receive a $10 credit for each referral.

Ani-Mall Veterinary Hospital is making the holiday season even more festive for pet owners with the introduction of three different pet spa specials. The vet hospital provides full-service animal grooming and pet boarding, in addition to veterinary pet wellness care.

"The holiday season is the perfect time to treat pets to a special "spa day" at our animal hospital," said Middletown veterinarian Dr. Michael Barra. "Every pet deserves a special visit to the pet spa where they will be groomed and bathed. Regular grooming is good for a pet's health and overall well-being. After a day at our spa, your pets will be looking as great as they feel!"

According to Dr. Barra, pet grooming offers many important health benefits for pets. Regular grooming helps to reduce the risk for fleas and ticks, as well as help identify potential skin problems before a pet's health is compromised.

"As pet owners, it can be difficult to tell when a pet's scratching or itching is symptomatic of a health problem, or simply par-for-the-course," said Dr. Barra. "Grooming appointments are the perfect opportunity for your pet's skin to receive a quick 'checkup'. We also check for the symptoms of fleas and ticks during appointments."

In addition to bathing, the animal hospital provides full service grooming techniques, including nail trimming, anal gland expressing and coat trimming. Coat trimming is especially important for longer-haired animals. For example, many long-haired pets will benefit from a "lion cut," even during the winter months.

"Regular grooming and coat trimming helps to control a pet's coat and prevent it from becoming matted or dirty," said Dr. Barra. "This care is important to keeping pets healthy. We also recommend regular tooth brushing and nail trimming. All of our pet spa treatments are administered with a gentle, compassionate touch so pets feel and look their best."

During the upcoming holiday season, pet owners who refer another pet to the animal spa will receive a $10 spa credit for each referral. Pets that are boarded at the animal hospital for 7 days or longer will receive a free bath; if a pet owner boards two or more pets, the second receives $2/off per day.

For more information about the current promotions, visit the website: http://www.ani-mall.com/.

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