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Cramer seeks signs of strength

Worried that the rally can't endure without the Fed?

With the latest jobs report triggering more chatter about Fed tapering, Jim Cramer thinks now is the perfect time to scour the market looking for signs of fundamental strength.

And he's found something – well a few somethings.

"First there's Sysco and WhiteWave," Cramer said. Both companies are making strategic acquisitions to boost the bottom line."

Specifically, for about $600 million to expand its offerings of organic products.

Meanwhile, Sysco is buying the food distributor US Foods for about $3.5 billion in cash and stock.

Cramer believes both acquisitions should raise margins and help these companies win larger market share – bullish developments for shareholders.

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However, M&A isn't the only fundamental catalyst driving stocks higher.

Cramer sees many other tailwinds too.

For example, "This weekend Celgene revealed some positive data for its blockbuster drug Revlimid for multiple-myeloma that brings it still closer to being the first line drug around the world. That makes the possibility of $17 in earnings power as soon as, perhaps 2015, which makes it an incredibly cheap stock. "

Also Cramer pointed to improving margins in the refiners which in turn have generated a rally in the sector. "The oil stocks are headed down even as the refiners are headed higher."

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All told, Cramer believes the breadth of strength represents "rational reasons for stocks to rally."

And even if the Fed begins to taper, Cramer believes these rational reasons will endure. Therefore Cramer sees every reason to remain bullish "as the market transitions from a Fed-assisted entity to one based on earnings."

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