Protelica Receives a Notice of Allowance by the USPTO on a Novel Antibody Mimics Library of Over 25 Billion Biomolecules

HAYWARD, Calif., Dec. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Protelica, Inc. a Bay Area-based innovator in the field of protein engineering and evolution, has just received a Notice of Allowance by the United States Patent Office (12/850,219) on a bioinformatic-based method for designing, producing and expressing libraries of the 14FN3 fibronectin domain, which may act as an important source of antibody mimics, and for the development of new protein-based drugs. Protelica's library includes over 25 billion unique fibronectin-based sequences, called Pronectins™, which can be easily screened against targets of therapeutic, and clinical diagnostic significance. Indeed, last August Protelica has received its first composition-of-matter patent on several Pronectin™ sequences targeting the VEGFR-2 receptor (US 8,470,966). Additional patent applications have also been filed for other biotherapeutic targets important in tumor angiogenesis, metastatic cancer, and stem cell differentiation. All of these biomolecules were discovered using Protelica's unique Pronectin™ library.

"Designed by Drs. Guido Cappuccilli and David Liston, the Pronectin™ library includes a brilliant combination of bioinformatic database and its use to design and generate "evolutionary" protein diversity," declares Dr. Roberto Crea, Protelica Founder, President and CEO. "This approach is especially targeted at reducing the immunogenicity of genetically engineered "optimized" protein drugs without sacrificing target specificity and clinical attributes, and could lead to the replacement of first generation Monoclonal Antibody drugs for both clinical efficacy, safety and cost of therapy," adds Dr. Crea.

Although many biotech and pharmaceutical companies have developed large antibody, and non-antibody based libraries of mimics, the intrinsic immunogenicity of laboratory-engineered proteins has limited their therapeutic use. What makes the Protelica library unique is the actual design of the library, which closely mimics natural evolution. The sole selection and use of human amino acids, produced by millions of years of evolution, to create a database and produce binding diversity enables the rapid identification of high affinity "antibody mimics" with reduced or, non–immunogenic properties. Protelica's patented technology provides for the rapid discovery of protein antagonists of clinical significance. "In essence, Protelica has developed its own phylogenic tree of biomolecules," says Dr. Liston, "this is very much the natural process that the human body uses to produce antibodies."

"The technology is unique, proprietary, and efficient," declares Mike Honeysett, Protelica's Chief Business Officer. "It may provide our Company and our Corporate Partners with new protein drug candidates of clinical significance in just a matter of weeks vs. months, or even years as compared to competing technologies. We are quite proud of our team for this remarkable technological breakthrough."

About Protelica

Protelica, Inc. is a biotech company founded in 2006 by Dr. Roberto Crea as result of a spin off from BioRen, Inc., a company he sold to Pfizer in 2005. Protelica has developed several proprietary DNA Mutagenesis techniques that are applied to protein engineering and optimization. In the past several years, Protelica has developed a number of R&D relationships with companies in the biotech field and has received a Phase I and II from the National Science Foundation for its platform technology and for the development of Antibody Mimics based upon the Fibronectin Module 14 human scaffold. The Company has laboratory operations in Hayward, Northern California.

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