Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Morning six-pack: What we're reading Monday

Gabriel Scheare uses the world's first bitcoin ATM on October 29, 2013, at Waves Coffee House in Vancouver, British Columbia. Scheare said he "just felt like being part of history."
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Happy Monday. It's icy here in the Northeast, making conditions perfect for a morning six-pack:

Before you head out to watch the "Wolf of Wall Street" movie, find out what the real guy is doing. (New York Post)

The "independent auditor" has always been a bit of an oxymoron, but there are those who actually think that could change. (The Economist)

When it comes to bitcoin, it's a bit of the Wild, Wild West out there, at least for speculators. (Dealbook)

The "Fight for $15" looks like it could end up in a TKO, and not in favor of the minimum-wage sluggers. (Roll Call)

With the pending budget deal in Congress, the bar on debt reduction has been set really, really low. (Boston Globe)

The bar also has been set pretty low on expectations for the U.S. economy, and maybe that's a good thing.'s John W. Schoen explains.

—By CNBC's Jeff Cox. Follow him on Twitter @JeffCoxCNBCcom.

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