EBay shoppers seem to love their gadgets

Gadgets are among the top-selling items on eBay over the holidays, according to the site.

On Thanksgiving Day alone 1,500 iPad Minis were sold in one nine-minute period, or 167 per minute, according to eBay.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, 2,000 32-gigabyte Wii U bundles were sold by retailers on the site in one 21-minute period, which amounts to 95 sold per minute, the site said.

And many of those purchases were likely made on mobile devices. EBay expects that $20 billion in sales were made on eBay using smart phones and tablets in 2013. That compares with $13 billion in sales made on eBay via mobile last year, according to the site.

"They're really addicted to their smart phones," said Steve Yankovich, eBay's vice president of innovation and new ventures, referring to the site's shoppers. Roughly 33 percent of sales on eBay involved a mobile device at some stage of selling or shopping, Yankovich said.

Facing fierce competition from online retail giants like Amazon.com, eBay now says that new items outsell used items, making it much less of a resale site than it was at its launch in 1995.

About 70 percent of the items listed on eBay are new items, the company said.