Morgan Drexen Endorses "Open Letter to Washington" Requesting Government Surveillance Reform

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COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems ( today gave its endorsement to the "Open Letter to Washington" asking for a reform to government surveillance.

In what is being called an historic unity among competing companies, industry giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo and Linkedin have formed an unprecedented alliance requesting major government surveillance reform.

"What we have here today is the largest corporate alliance in recent history all asking the government to reform their surveillance of American citizens worldwide," said Walter Ledda, CEO of Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems "Clearly, not only are the people of this country making a stand against government intrusion of personal information, but so are many of the largest technology companies in the world."

The open letter to President Obama and to Congress ( specifically asks for major government surveillance reform in 5 key areas, including the placement of governmental limits of user information, oversight and accountability, transparency of governmental demands, respecting the free flow of information, and the avoidance of conflicts among governments.

"Morgan Drexen is itself a powerful technology company," added Ledda, "and we have a very strong stance against any governmental action that violates the privacy rights of Americans. What strikes us as particularly important in the Open Letter is that our company has the same belief to the right to privacy enshrined in our Constitution, a right that we are currently fighting for in a suit against the CFPB."

In July, Morgan Drexen and Connecticut attorney Kimberly Pisinski filed suit against the CFPB accusing the Bureau of grossly overreaching its authority when it demanded Pisinski's law firm hand over privileged and confidential communications as well as the personal financial records of thousands of consumers who either have or are considering filing for bankruptcy. The demand by the CFPB included names, addresses, phone numbers, amount of debt, income and income sources, and additional creditor information from such sources as bank loans, medical service providers, utilities, rent and even child support.

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