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Season Two Finale of CNBC's "The Car Chasers" Tonight Tuesday, December 10 at 10PM ET/PT



Season 2 finale of "The Car Chasers" airs tonight, Tuesday, December 10th beginning at 10pm ET/PT with two back-to-back episodes.

12/10/2013: Airing at 10:00 PM ET/PT
"The Car Chasers" 215: AUSTIN AUCTION ACTION
Jeff and Meg go toe to toe with a military couple for a classic 70's muscle car with enormous flipping potential, but they may have finally met their match against this tough as nails duo. Later, Jeff sees an opportunity for a quick flip when a friend brings by a late model Corvette, and Perry and Eric have their work cut out for them as they race to get cars ready in time for the upcoming Austin auction.

12/10/2013: Airing at 10:30 PM ET/PT
The gang puts finishing touches on all of their cars that are headed for the Austin auction - a 1960 Bonneville, two Camaros, a Chevy C-10, and a Formula 400 with paint problems that just won't go away. Once they hit the road to Austin, Jeff must rely on Matt Evans to come to the rescue at the last minute by racing a barely finished car to the auction overnight, but will he get it there in time? With tons of money on the line, the team must pull out all the stops if they want to leave Austin with a healthy profit.


"The Car Chasers" are back for a brand new season of finding, fixing and flipping cars. The team from "Flat 12" in Lubbock, Texas, Jeff Allen, Meg Bailey and Perry Barndt, continue to scour the country, hunting for American muscle cars, classic hot rods and even the occasional Ferrari. Whether a car needs a total overhaul or just a little bit of TLC, their master mechanic Eric Ables, has the skills to take on just about any job. Each week, their goal is simple: buy low, sell high and maintain a steady flow of cars, customers and cash. Invest too heavily in a remodel or misread the market for a car and the "Flat 12" crew can lose a bundle. And when it comes to competition, Jeff's dad, Tom Souter, aka "Roundman," continues to be their number one rival. Profits trump bloodlines in this part of West Texas.

Following are embeddable clips:

  • Shelby test drive -- -- Sure, this Shelby can haul butt. But can it haul Jeff and the Roundman?
  • Painted into a corner -- -- Time is money. And if Roy can't fix this paint job gone bad in time, it's going to cost Jeff a LOT of money!
  • Drag race -- -- It's a wild west style showdown. Meg takes on Jeff in the drag race of the year! Who will win?
  • The Vette makes him sweat -- -- The Roundman's 'Vette is on the auction block. Things get a bit hot under the collar when the sale starts and the response is less than resounding.

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