MetaScale Workshop to Help Beginners Understand Hadoop, Big Data; How It Helps Advance Their Careers

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CHICAGO, Dec. 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hadoop and Big Data are hot topics in the technology world, yet there is a shortage of qualified technical experts in both fields. On December 18th and 19th , MetaScale is taking a step toward solving that shortage.

MetaScale, the technology solutions provider subsidiary of Sears Holdings (Nasdaq:SHLD), said it will hold two workshops, "Hadoop 101 - Begin Your Big Data Journey," in the Chicago area. The workshops are specifically designed to introduce attendees to the latest in Hadoop, offering them step-by-step training in Hadoop technologies, reinforcement exercises, and hands-on training in a Hadoop environment.

Attendees will receive:

  • An overview of what is 'Big Data" and "Hadoop;"
  • Step-by-step training in skills needed to work in a Hadoop environment, including an introduction to technologies such as HIVE with MYSQL, PIG, MapReduce, HDFS, SQOOP, Puppet, Flume, HBASE, and Zookeeper;
  • Exercises that reinforce the skills recently learned; and
  • Hands-on application of skills working in a Hadoop environment.

"Our workshops are designed to deliver significant benefits to technology professionals, regardless of whether they are a seasoned IT professional or a beginner," said Ankur Gupta, MetaScale's head of marketing and sales. "These skills are in increasing demand in today's market and can be used to advance attendees' careers, by teaching them additional knowledge and strategies that can be applied as they work in an enterprise Hadoop environment." Gupta noted that attendees should have a working knowledge of Java, SQL or Linux/Unix.

More information, including pricing, is available by calling MetaScale at 800.234.8769.

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MetaScale, an early adopter of Big Data and legacy modernization initiatives, provides cutting-edge technologies, Hadoop training and technology solutions to its customers. As a subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation, MetaScale understands the value of heritage and the need for constant innovation to drive growth. Through this heritage, MetaScale offers a deep understanding of employing complex Big Data tools to solve traditional business problems in the enterprise. With services such as moving mainframe batch processing to Hadoop, MIPS reduction and ETL modernization, MetaScale can help organizations accelerate a solid return on their Big Data investments. For more information, visit MetaScale at

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