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10 apps to guide you through the holiday shopping crunch

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The most difficult aspect of shopping can be finding the right gift for the right person. That person in your life who wants and needs nothing: Could they make it any more difficult? Or maybe that special someone in your life knows exactly what they want—you just have no idea where to find it. For all that one can find in a Target or Wal-Mart or even at a high-end retailer, there's much more creative shopping to be done with the help of technology.

With 10 million users—many of them young female fashionistas—and 200,000 stores, Wanelo has become a player in the social shopping space by letting consumers discover and share things they want, need and love (hence the name WAnt, NEed, LOve). Click on the image of a product—a white dress, beauty accessories—and go directly to its store. There's also a "Stories" element that lets users group products and tie them together with a short written explanation.

Image Source: Wanelo