Mobile vs. desktop: Where we’re watching videos

More and more Web videos are being viewed on mobile devices, but in the words of Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman, "desktops are not dead," at least according to recent videotrend data.

The share of videos viewed on mobile devices more than doubled from September 2012 to September 2013, but all told, about 10 percent of videos are viewed on smartphones, 6.5 percent are viewed on tablets and the rest are viewed on computers, according to Jonathan Wilner, product strategy leader at Ooyala, a company that collects data on the viewing habits of 200 million online video watchers.

But mobile video viewing trends change seasonally, according to Ooyala's data. In the fall, mobile viewing levels off, possibly because kids are back in school, and in the fourth quarter, mobile video viewing increases more dramatically, at least partly because mobile devices are given as gifts during the holidays, Wilner told "Big Data Download."

Regardless of the time of year and how online videos are being watched one trend is clear, according to Wilner: "When you put more premium content on, you put more interesting content on and you put more television content on and make that available across all devices, the audience is there to respond. They want to watch it. They're willing to pay for it."

--By Althea Chang

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