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The world's best cities for young people

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Late nights on the town, independence and unfettered ambitions: being young can be a whirlwind of fun and opportunity. But, for the young, some cities are better than others at looking after their needs. The Youthful Cities Index has graded the world's top cities on how well they cater for the young.

CNBC presents the top 10 and gives you the chance to vote here about whether you agree with their choice.

It's important for cities to attract the young, ambitious and innovative -- because the more youthful an area, the better the environment for nurturing new business.

And with over half the world's population now aged under 30 -- and the same proportion living in an urban environment – looking after the young inhabitants of a city has never been more important.

In the Youthful Cities Index, the first survey of its kind, 25 cities were compared using 80 indicators across 16 categories, covering everything from diversity and civic participation to entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.

By Anmar Frangoul, Special to

Clarification: This introduction has been amended to reflect the methodology used when compiling The Youthful Cities Index.

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