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Cramer's holiday gifts that keep giving

A pair of Hop-a-long boots and a pistol that shoots, is the wish of Bonny and Ben. Dolls that will talk and go for a walk is the hope of Janice and Jenn.

Nice gifts – no argument there.

But if you're buying for someone with more sophisticated tastes this holiday season Cramer suggests giving the gift of stocks.

But which should you buy? The market offers more selections than even Baskin-Robbins!

To help you decide, all week long the "Mad Money host is profiling favorite stocks as part of a special series we're unofficially calling "Cramer's Stocking Stuffers." These are stocks Cramer thinks you can buy and put away in a drawer then revisit over the long-term.

(Cramer is adding two new stocks every day until there are a total of 10, so make sure to check back regularly to see the latest names on Cramer's list.)

Source: CNBC

#7 Google

Cramer sees Google not only as an industry goliath but also as an aggressive growth company that's inexpensive – a rare combination.

" is the sultan of the Internet search business, responsible for 60% of all searches around the globe—not only do they control more than half the market, but that 60% figure is more than five times bigger than Google's next closest competitor," Cramer said. "Get this: 40% of all online advertising revenue in the United States goes to Google."

However, isn't resting on it laurels. Google is also actively maneuvering itself into "the sweet spot of mobile, social and the cloud," something Cramer calls the triumvirate of new media.

And Cramer believes Google's industry advantage isn't priced into the stock.

" is growing like a weed yet it's cheap. Yes, this $1072 stock is cheap. Google trades at barely more than 20 times next year's earnings estimates, with a 16% long-term growth rate."

"Compare that to Facebook, which sells for 48 times next year's earnings estimates with 30% growth," and you'll see that Google is cheap with a capital C.

#8 Bank of America

Although banks in general, and Bank of America in particular, have been relatively unappreciated by Wall Street, Cramer thinks that's about to change.

First, "banks are one of the few groups that actually benefit as interest rates rise," Cramer said. So if and when the Fed tapers, this stock stands to benefit.

However, in the case of , "it's one of the biggest banks in the country, with lending exposure to everybody from the consumer, to small business and large enterprises," Cramer noted. Therefore as the economy improves BofA has multiple ways in which to leverage the improvements.

In addition, Cramer likes that has been cutting costs. "Expenses were down 1% sequentially in the latest quarter, and management predicts another $1.6 billion in cost cuts by the end of 2014," he said.

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"Plus, the company still has $3 billion left in its buyback authorization, and I think that could get raised."

To make the stock all the more attractive, Cramer doesn't think all these tailwinds are baked into the price. "Bank of America trades at just 1.1 times its tangible book value—that's much less than, say, Wells Fargo, which trades at 1.9 times tangible book. I could easily see this stock heading to $20 in the not too distant future, a 33% gain from these levels."

Cramer's stocking stuffers Pt 1: GE and JCI

#9 Johnson Controls

Jim Cramer called Johnson Controls a turnaround story and a bet on new CEO, Alex Molinaroli, who just took the helm at the beginning of October.

"In recent meetings he's signaled to investors that there will be changes at the company—specifically, he wants Johnson Controls to become a more diversified, global, multi-industrial leader with better capital allocation and less dependence on the auto market," Cramer said.

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Cramer thinks the company could be about to embark on either a restructuring program or a spin-off, either of which would unlock shareholder value.

In addition, as a maker of auto parts, Cramer sees Johnson Controls as a long-term bet on global recovery. And he added, "Just last month the company by 16%, bringing the yield up to a not too shabby 1.7% and they also announced a $3 billion increase to the buyback—pretty serious for a $34 billion company."

All told, Cramer believes Johnson Controls is in the beginning of "a multi-year turnaround leading to more consistent earnings and a higher multiple for the stock."

#10 - GE

In the near-term Jim Cramer thinks shares could advance as GE shifts its focus back to its core industrial business and away from its , an area that burned the conglomerate during the downturn. As the transition accelerates, Cramer believes the market will reward the stock with a higher multiple, in part because it stands to benefit "as the global economy picks up speed."

And over the long-term, Cramer sees many other bullish catalysts too. "With a $229 billion backlog, I think the company can get its revenue growth up into the mid-single digits, which would be huge for GE's earnings," Cramer said "On top of that, management has some pretty aggressive cost cutting initiatives going. Also GE just on Friday and the company already has a $10 billion buyback underway, and I could see that expanding over time, too, as the cash flow rises," Cramer said.

(Check back tomorrow for two more names that made Cramer's 'nice' list.)

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