A.1. Steak Sauce and the World Food Championships congratulate the 2013 World Burger Championship Finalists

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An epic battle for burger supremacy took place this year at the World Food Championships and Second City Smoke, of Chicago, took home the title of World Burger Champion. During the live-event cooking competition, each of the Top 10 World Burger Championship finalists were tasked with recreating the classic American steakhouse burger using A.1.® Steak Sauce as the featured ingredient.

"A.1. Steak Sauce was a great complement to the World Burger Championship during our inaugural year, just like the sauce is to burgers, and we were thrilled to welcome them back to be an integral component of this year's competition," said Mike McCloud, president and CEO of Trybe Targeting, producers of the World Food Championships.

The World Burger Championship is one of the seven featured category competitions at the World Food Championships, which welcomed over 300 chefs, cooks and culinary experts to Downtown Las Vegas, Nov. 7-10. High-stakes food competition was the name of the game, as competitors turned in their best dishes in one of seven categories in hopes of securing their share of the event's $300,000 total prize purse.

"The finals round of the World Burger Championship saw some of the most inventive and flavorful burgers in the entire competition," said Rebecca Daugherty, Business Manager Enhancers at Kraft Foodservice. "From a burger highlighting Canadian ingredients to an innovative surf and turf steak house burger, it was inspiring to see how many different ways A.1. Steak Sauce could be infused into a championship dish."

Competitors ranging from 38 states and eight different countries competed at the 2013 World Food Championships. The World Burger Championship featured championship competitors from the "Best Burger in Dallas" according to D Magazine to amateur cooks who won an online recipe-contest qualifying event.

The World Food Championships and A.1. Steak Sauce congratulate the following competitors for placing in the top 10 of the World Burger Championship:

Second City Smoke (Wade Fortin)

2nd Place through 10th Place:
Cypress Street
Brad Leighninger
Food Gypsy
The Burger Deacons
Dietricha Durtschi
Jeffery Boudreaux
Helene Mulvihill
Mark Levasseur

The champion of the World Burger Championship, Second City Smoke, submitted a porcini butter-stuffed rib-eye steak cheeseburger called the "El Toro."

"We took the Steakhouse to the grill by combining the classic ribeye steak, in burger form, with the great taste of A.1. Steak Sauce, that we then infused into a classic horseradish cream sauce," said Wade Fortin, head cook of Second City Smoke. "The tangy A.1. Steak Sauce was a perfect complement to the creamy horseradish and helped bring home the championship for us."

After placing first at the World Burger Championship, Second City Smoke went on to place third overall at the Final Table and took home a grand total of $15,000 at the World Food Championships.

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The World Food Championships is a yearlong, world-wide search for the best team, cook or chefs in competition food sport. The event culminates in a 4-day high-stakes food fight to name the ultimate World Food Champion. Major bragging rights and $300,000 are on the line as competitors, from Pros to average Joes, earn their right to compete in tournament process in Downtown Las Vegas. In 2013, the seven-category World Food Championships took place at the Fremont Street Experience, Nov. 7-10. To learn more, visit www.worldfoodchampionships.com.

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