WoodMaxx is the #1 Seller of Wood Chipper in US, As of 2012

WoodMaxx Power Equipment

Akron, NY, Dec. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As of 2012, WoodMaxx Power Equipment is the top seller of wood chippers in the United States. WoodMaxx offers a variety of wood chippers for sale to meet virtually every landscaping need. With an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, WoodMaxx has created a line of chippers and other equipment. Whether a property owner needs a reliable chipper shredder, a powerful snow blower attachment or a versatile tractor backhoe attachment, WoodMaxx can help. Their reputation for excellence and dedication to meeting their customers' needs have powered them to the number one position in the country.

A wood chipper must be designed to stand up to hard daily use without flagging or failing. WoodMaxx has developed each chipper shredder to precise specifications to meet the needs of clients, including farmers, ranchers, municipalities and other property owners. Visit http://www.woodmaxx.com to learn more.

Landscaping and other outdoor work requires specific tools and equipment. When property owners have the right equipment, the job can be completed more efficiently and easily. WoodMaxx offers powerful equipment that is built to last. Designed to stand up to daily wear and tear, WoodMaxx chippers are made of the highest-quality materials, many of which have been made in the United States. Careful attention to detail is visible in every part of each type of equipment, and nothing is offered for sale until it has been rigorously tested and proven.

Clearing land, eliminating storm debris or simply cleaning up landscaping can be done faster and easier than ever before with WoodMaxx chippers. Wood can easily be recycled or repurposed into chips and mulch. Blades are designed to stand up to the most rugged jobs but can still be switched out easily by a single operator. Consumable and replacement parts are available and are ready to ship to minimize downtime and keep jobs on schedule.

WoodMaxx has an extensive selection of outdoor equipment, including snow blower attachments, chippers, flail mowers and backhoe attachments, and models are updated or upgraded every year to continue providing their customers with the most advanced machinery available. They offer a full two-year warranty on all equipment except for the chipper-shredders, which feature a three-year warranty.

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