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The most romantic crop news you'll read all day

Good news for Christmas lovebirds: The mistletoe is well-stocked this year.

In fact, reports of a shortage of mistletoe, a parasitic plant that grows on trees and shrubs, may have been overblown. These reports began two years ago when severe drought devastated the crop at Tiemann's Mistletoe, a major grower in Priddy, Texas.

"It just looked like crap—half-dead and didn't look good," said Robert Tiemann, co-owner. "Since it's a wild harvested plant, there's really nothing you can do to help it along."

Mistletoe lovers rejoice! There is a more plentiful crop this year.
Source: Mistletoe U.S.

Due to the drought, Tiemann halted production at his family's business, which has been in operation since the mid-1950s. Tiemann said the available crop at the time wasn't good enough "to do a commercial business."

While he would not give exact sales figures, Tiemann said, "I've always said that if you bought mistletoe from a store, it probably came from us."

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Although Tiemann's closure generated widespread worry about the crop, Brion Domman, owner of Texas-based MistletoeUS, insists he saw "very little dro