Cloud Valley Goes Hand in Hand With AWS to Promote Cloud Service Innovation in China Jointly

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BEIJING, Dec. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On December 18 (Beijing time), the four parties including Beijing Municipal Government, Ningxia Autonomous Region Government and Amazon AWS and Cloud Valley signed the cooperation memorandum of understanding in Beijing for the purpose of establishing, developing and promoting cloud service in the mode of "the shop ahead and the factory behind", that is, Beijing is taken as the front shop and Zhongwei in Ningxia is taken as the back factory. Through the cloud computing infrastructure located in Beijing and Ningxia, cloud service is provided for clients throughout China.

The so-called "front shop and back factory" means that sales, market, application development, low-delay production, calculation and service are provided at the front shop adjacent to metropolis, while production, calculation and service insensitive to delay are collected at the back factory where energy sources and resources gather. With the rise of cloud computing, the mode that large cloud computing data center is established in remote area, and "the front shop and the back factory" is formed with data center in metropolis has become the popular cloud computing infrastructure construction and service mode in Silicon Valley and etc.

For example, Amazon has set up a small data center in San Francisco (focus on low delay in Silicon Valley), and set up a large data center in Oregon (low cost, focus on insensitivity to delay in Silicon Valley). The four-party cooperative construction of the cloud computing base also aims to bring the advantages in brand, talent and market in Beijing and the advantages in energy source, land and construction conditions in Ningxia into full play.

As the core of a new round trend in IT industry globally, cloud computing has become the hotspot of global investment including China. As the important party for implementation and promotion in cooperation this time, Cloud Valley led by Professor Tian Suning is the first cloud computing industrial base in China as well as the demo base of "Auspicious Clouds Engineering" in Beijing. 27 innovative enterprises in the core link of the cloud industry gather in Cloud Valley. It has become the key promotion of "China's cloud computing coordinates" and China's cloud computing innovation.

On the site of the signing ceremony, the founder of Cloud Valley & President of China Broadband Capital, Professor Tian Suning pointed out that to make investment in industrial chain, encourage local innovation, introduce global leading technology and service mode, and promote the maturity of the ecological environment for cloud computing in China has been the career that Cloud Valley has dedicated to since its establishment. Tian Suning holds that, "As the important supporting platform of mobile internet, big data and intelligent application, the construction of service platform for cloud computing can not only promote IT innovation and the trend of business startup in China. Besides, it is also an important force to drive the transformation from consumption internet to industrial internet."

It is reported that in order to provide the best client experience for developers and enterprise clients in China, the cloud computing infrastructure will provide the cloud computing service platform featuring low cost, high reliability, rich functions and outstanding operation in accordance with the policy supervision requirements in China based on technologies and operation experience of Amazon AWS, promote the maturity of the ecological system for cloud computing in China, support the innovation and business startup trend of cloud computing.

In order to support the innovative development mode of cloud computing, the operator representatives such as China Telecom, China Unicom and etc. also announced on the signing site that strategic investment has been made to upgrade Zhongwei, Ningxia to a backbone network node, and it is guaranteed that Amazon AWS can provide high-efficiency and reliable cloud computing service based on infrastructure in Ningxia Zhongguancun area in the future.

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