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Cramer: What drives bull’s next leg?

"Sure we've had a big run," Jim Cramer said. "But I think there are places where you can come right in and buy."

The Mad Money sees plenty of opportunity in five sectors of the market. They are banks, housing, retail, and oil.

"Of course on any given day they could trade lower, but I think all these sectors present significant opportunity," Cramer explained.

Following are Cramer's insights for each sector.

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"If the Fed is to be taken at face value, there will be no increase in what the banks have to pay you on your CDs, but they can invest your deposit dollars in Treasurys that make them much more money," Cramer said.

In other words, banks make more money in a rising rate environment. That's bullish. However, Cramer sees other catalysts too.

With the economy improving, Cramer expects new businesses will begin to form – businesses that will turn to banks for loans. And he feels most banks are in excellent financial shape due to stricter regulations therefore, Cramer believes "banks will return capital to shareholders in the form of dividends or buybacks."

Although there are many ways to leverage the theme, Cramer is quite bullish on Bank of America. "Technicians take note, Bank of America's chart is a Picasso in the waiting," he said


In the housing sector, Cramer thinks companies are about to command more aggressive price-to-earnings multiples.

"Recently, Lennar told a compelling story that said demand had stayed pretty consistent, but supply has fallen behind. That means there's an imbalance that favors the homebulders," Cramer explained.

That kind of imbalance warrants premium.

"Given that Lennar has about $2.50 in earnings power and this company has growth characteristics and margin improvement possibilities that are better than the average stock in the S&P 500, it's not a stretch to see it headed to the $40s, a nice gain from the $37 perch where it now finds itself. Gunslingers might want to go for DR Horton or Pulte or even lumber company Weyerhaeuser, which is also well behind the market."


"This sector has done nothing for several months now, as everyone's been so worried about the holiday season. I say enough already. Time to circle back to Macy's, GameStop and Best Buy," Cramer said.

After talking with CEOs Manny Chirico and Frank Blake on Mad Money, Cramer is also bullish on VF Corp and Home Depot. "I think both should have strong holiday seasons."

Essentially, Cramer believes that retailers that execute well and understand their customers will continue to thrive.

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"The market has pretty much collectively decided that, after Warren Buffett bought Exxon, it's the only oil worth owning. The market's also made a judgment that the domestic oils have had their day and it's time to move on," Cramer noted. "I think that's ridiculous."

With signs suggesting that the economy is coming back, Cramer expects to see the demand for oil and other kinds of energy increase not decline.

Although there are many ways to leverage the trend, some of Cramer's favorite energy plays include , EOG, , and .


"I think you can easily buy the airlines, which have stalled out," Cramer said.

The "Mad Money" host suspects airlines are becoming more profitable and thinks the sector is investable now as a bet on better than expected earnings in the weeks ahead.

And if you're looking for a single stock ideas, "We now have the completion of the and the stock's only at $26, which I think is radically undervalued based on next year's prospects," Cramer said.

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