Nammo AS: NAMMO and EURENCO announce the signature of the Share Purchase Agreement of EURENCO VIHTAVUORI OY

RAUFOSS, Norway, Dec. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Nammo Group and Eurenco Group announce today the signature of the Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) of the Finnish company Eurenco Vihtavuori OY.

The company Eurenco Vihtavuori OY is a well-known manufacturer of propellants for civilian and military use.

The agreement is subject to approval by French authorities. Filing is done and approval is expected to be granted within short time.


With its headquarter in Raufoss, Norway, the Nammo Group is a technology driven aerospace and defense group specializing in technologically advanced products. Nammo's core business is development, production and sales of military and sports ammunition, shoulder fired weapon systems, rocket motors for military and space applications, and global services for environmentally friendly demilitarization. Nammo has 21 manufacturing operations and 2200 employees in 9 countries. For further information go to

About EURENCO Group

Drawing on centuries of know-how and expertise in chemical synthesis of energetic molecules, EURENCO develops, manufactures and provides a largely diversified and tailor-made range of products for both the Defense and commercial markets: high explosives and compositions (for main charges, boosters, primers, pyrotechnics.); innovative demolition explosives; advanced combustible items; single, spherical and multi-base propellants.

EURENCO is also the world's leading producer and supplier of 2-EHN, a chemical additive which improves the Cetane Number of diesel fuel. For further information go to

Point of Contact:

Sissel Solum
Senior Vice President Communication
Nammo Group
Tel: +47 61 15 22 42

Jean-Claude Boissy
Senior Vice President
Strategy & Business Development
Eurenco Group
Tel: +33 1 49 96 74 30


Source: Nammo AS