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Staging your home for sale? Check this out first

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Staging your home for sale? Check this out first

Home sellers may be daunted by the idea of renovations, but there are other ways to improve a house's market prospects without breaking the bank.

"The most important thing that doesn't cost any money is to declutter your home," said Leslie Piper, consumer housing specialist with This can be done by the seller or in conjunction with the real estate agent or professional stagers. It may be as simple as throwing away accumulated possessions or having a garage sale. But real estate professionals are at a consensus on this one: decluttering is a must.

Other basic staging techniques for showing and selling a home include removing personal items, painting in neutral colors, removing outdated features like wallpaper or ceiling popcorn, introducing pleasant scents through baking or scented oils and ensuring the entire home is lit with natural light or soft electric light.

What follows are staging tips and techniques that go beyond those basics, collected by consulting with real estate agents, brokers and other home design professionals.

By Colleen Kane, Special to CNBC
Posted 20 Dec. 2013

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