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Cramer: Signs of an epic bull?

In a true bull market: Cramer

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Cramer has spotted a confluence of signs in the market that he hasn't seen since all at once, since the great bull market of the 1990s.

That decade-long advance (which ended in March 2000) was the longest bull in history. It lasted 113 months, or more than nine years. It was also the biggest-gainer of all-time, posting a return of 417%.

Although we can't say if this bull will be as powerful as that one, we can tell you that Cramer does expect these catalysts to drive the market even higher.

They follow:

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1. Very negative developments are being resolved positively. Cramer thinks the woes of Europe illustrate this tenet. That is, at its worst the overseas financial crisis looked as if it could last for decades but in a relatively short period of time it was contained and by 2013 showed signs of reversing.

2. Companies are generating bountiful profits. Cramer doesn't think it matters if those profits are organic or if they're bolstered by low interest rates due to stimulus. In 2013 corproate profits hit an all time high.

3. Companies are friendly to shareholders. "They're breaking themselves up or they're merging or they're raising dividends and doing gigantic buybacks, Cramer said. "I write about 21 of them in my soon-to-be-released book, Get Rich Carefully." Any way you slice it, they drives shares higher.

4. Jobs are becoming more plentiful. According to the latest jobs report, job creation moved forward again in November, with the U.S. economy adding a better-than-expected 203,000 to the employment rolls. The unemployment rate fell to 7 percent. Jobs are the genesis of a virtuous economic spiral.

5. Inflation remains tame. "Right now inflation is very modest," Cramer explained, and it allows rates to remain low. Low rates spark business creation.

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Cramer added that it's been so long since the bull markets of the 1980s and 1990s that investors have become preoccupied with the negative and fail to recognize thepositives.

"We forget," Cramer said. "But they're in the market. They're powerful. And that's why we're going higher."

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