Famed tech investor's next idea: Six Californias?

An image from investor Tim Draper's website proposing to split California into six states.
Source: SixCalifornias.info

Imagine all the songs that would have to be rewritten if tech investor Tim Draper gets his way and splits California into six pieces.

Draper, the venture capitalist behind companies like Skype, Hotmail and Baidu, is planning to introduce a ballot initiative to break up the state, TechCrunch reported.

The "Six Californias" initiative already has a website that shows a rough outline of how the state would be divided. TechCrunch posted a copy of the proposal, which would include San Francisco in a state called "Silicon Valley" and Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in a state called "West California."

Draper told TechCrunch that he intends to submit the proposal to the state Attorney General's office in coming days.

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