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Reagan vs. Wells: Who will be first to ring in the holidays?

Race to the Gift: Jane's Amazon vs. Courtney's Walmart

Many retailers promise to save you time and money during the holiday season with countless online ordering programs. We tested them out to see how convenient the programs truly are—and if they do in fact save you dollars. So what better way to test than a race? It's the East Coast vs. the West Coast, featuring Courtney Reagan and Jane Wells. Who will get their essential holiday items quickly, on budget and with as little hassle as possible?

The winner will be assessed based on time taken to complete the task, cost and ease of ordering.

Race to the gift: Jane's Amazon vs. Courtney's Walmart

The rules: Both reporters must purchase the same three gifts from their respective retailers. They must order online but are allowed to use any method to receive the items, such as in-store pickup, home delivery, or locker pickup. It's the competitor's call!

Christmas Supper Delivery Race: Jane's AmazonFresh vs. Courtney's Whole Foods

Christmas supper grocery race: Jane's AmazonFresh vs. Courtney's Whole Foods

The rules: From their respective retailers, both reporters must get a turkey or roast, Yukon gold potatoes, green beans and pie on the table for four people. As with the gift race, each competitor must place the food order online and use a delivery service.