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The biggest corporate blunders of 2013

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Everyone knows it's been a boom year for business—market highs, with the earnings per share to match. In 2012, U.S. CEOs pocketed record paychecks—two in the top 10 earned more than $1 billion—and 2013 is expected to be even better.

But maybe all this easy money is making the C-suite a little lazy. With skyrocketing profits came a steady stream of corporate screwups. It's safe to say that insulting your customers's intelligence, realizing two weeks too late that 40 million of your customers' cards had been hacked, using 9/11 for product placement and sending users of your technology into the path of a commercial jet are all actions that leave something to be desired from the corporate world's best and brightest. And that's just a fraction of the "Are you kidding me?" moments provided this year by major corporations.

Here are 2013's biggest corporate blunders.

——By Anthony Volastro, Segment Producer, CNBC. Follow him on Twitter @VolastroCNBC

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