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Video games for the holidays

Erika Santoro
Video games for the holidays

Holiday shoppers still seeking gifts for gamers may be overwhelmed by an array of top titles, but there are a few hot options whether players want to embark on an animated adventure or simply have a need for speed.

"Ryse," a gladiator game set in Ancient Rome, puts gamers' courage and determination to the test. "Forza 5" gives racers and car lovers that much-needed adrenaline rush. Both games are available only for Xbox One.

Source: Crytek

On the other hand, "Skylanders Swap Force," an adventure game geared toward a younger demographic, is available for the Wii, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game comes with figurines that plug into game consoles via USB Portal of Power. When plugged in, each figure becomes a character in the game.

Aside from those three games, the widely popular and addictive "Call of Duty," and of course "Grand Theft Auto V," could make good holiday gifts, that is, if they haven't already been snapped up in stores. These games, like many popular titles, cost $50 to $65.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro.

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