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NANJING, China, Dec. 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At 0:00 on December 24, 2013, the day before the Christmas Eve when the most areas in the world see in, on the world No.1 screen of NASDAQ Tower at the New York Times Square in the U.S., the Chinese characters "你好世界,新年快乐 (Hello world, Happy new year)" written with traditional Chinese calligraphy and a Chinese literati painting "the Painting of Humanistic Ancestor" showed up. The pictures on the screen drew attention to passersby to stop to watch and took out mobile phone to take photos as a memento. This is a beginning of the public benefit activity "Hello World" outside China jointly created by China Dahe Investment Holding Group and five famous painting & calligraphy artists at home for the purpose of paying a tribute and paying a New Year call to the world with Chinese traditional culture. The activity video will be played repeatedly on NASDAQ Tower till the last day of the year 2013 in order to embrace the coming of the year 2014 in a special form. Meanwhile, on network media at home and abroad, e-pals around the world also actively share the special blessing way and deliver their blessings with Chinese cultural elements via pictures, video and etc.

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In order to convey Chinese traditional culture throughout the world, China Dahe Group together with five famous painting & calligraphy artists at home including Guo Xiyuan, Sun Xiaoyun, Xu Yan, Liu Hongyou and Ma Zikai planned a New Year celebration activity with a fresh outlook for the world people. On the eve of Christmas and the New Year's Day, four famous calligraphers in contemporary China wrote blessings in four kinds of fonts including standardized form, cursive font, clerical script and seal character. In combination with "the Painting of Humanistic Ancestor" created the new "Nanjing Master" Guo Xiyuan according to the subject matter of the story about Fu Hsi (the legendary Chinese ruler), Yan Emperor and Yellow Emperor, the blessings film "for the celebration of a happy New Year in the world" collectively created by Chinese calligraphers made its debut at "the world crossing", New York Times Square on December 23rd. Such act made overseas Chinese especially feel warm and proud, and also made friends around the world have an opportunity to appreciate and know Chinese culture and art. After that, the sponsor initiated some activities on mainstream media at home and abroad with the aim to make interactive communication of global e-pals. During the activity, video and pictures with the expectation and blessings for the New Year were sent from more than 50 regions in over 20 countries throughout the world including China, the U.S., the U.K., Germany and etc. People delivered and forwarded greetings online across regions, national boundaries and races, and the sea of red China covered network media including microblog and wechat at home and facebook, twitter and etc. abroad. Meanwhile, more than 100 advertising companies at home also actively participated in the public benefit activity in order to make contribution to the communication of Chinese culture with their own specialized advantages. The video of "Happy New Year to the world" was shown on more than 100 big screens nationwide to convey blessings to people nationwide.

The artists involved in the creation of calligraphy and painting in the activity are the leader of Chinese literati painting Guo Xiyuan, the council member of China Calligraphers Association Sun Xiaoyun, the national Level II artist Xu Yan, president of Japan Chinese Calligraphy Institute Liu Hongyou and the disciple of Qi Baishi Ma Zikai.

Guo Xiyuan, now acts as professor of Shenzhen University, postgraduate tutor, director of Literati Painting Research Institute, advisor of Shenzhen Artists Association, member of China Artists Association, member of Chinese Calligraphers Association and honorary chairman of Japan Tianhe Artists Association. He ever acted as vice chairman of Shenzhen Artists Association and council member of China Artists Association Tourism Friendship Center.

Chinese literati painting was ever the top art that social elites in history integrated moral quality, scholarship, talent and thought and that was expressed in poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal cutting. Chinese literati paintings enrich the world artistic language due to its unique "implication" and "elegant taste" with literariness, philosophic nature and lyricism. For example, people still take delight in talking about the artistic value and collection story of one of the invaluable representative works of Chinese literati paintings "Painting about Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains". The literati paintings of the contemporary leader Guo Xiyuan that Liu Haili, Chen Dayu and Song Wenzhi speak highly of are also deeply loved by the world cultural celebrities such as Li Zhengdao, Ikeda Daisaku et al.

Sun Xiaoyun: Level I artist at national level, council member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, specially engaged calligraphy professor of Chinese Calligraphers Association Training Center, vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Calligraphers Association, curator of Jiangsu Provincial Art Gallery, vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Women's Federation, chairman of Nanjing Municipal Calligraphers Association, deputy director of Nanjing Painting and Calligraphy Academy, member of Canglang Publishing House, entitled to special government allowance of the State Council.

Xu Yan, graduated from the major of Calligraphy & Seal Cutting of Nanjing University of the Arts. Now act as the only cadre stationed in the association of Jiangsu Provincial Calligraphers Association; MFA Art Master candidate of the major of Calligraphy in Nanjing University of the Arts; committee member of Jiangsu Youth Federation; member of Chinese Calligraphers Association; Level II artist at national level

Liu Hongyou, learned calligraphy from his grandfather when he was four years old, and went to Japan later. Now set up Chinese Calligraphy Institute in Japan where he gives lecture about calligraphy, and has received more than 3000 students successively. His large calligraphy works Niannujiao Meditation on the Past on the Red Cliff is hung in the big banquet hall of China's embassy in Japan, now act as president of Chinese Calligraphers Institute set up in Japan and gives lecture about calligraphy.

Ma Zikai, the contemporary famous artist. He accepted court instruction when he was very young, read classics and studied art, learned from Mr. Xu Linlu, Wu Zhongqi, Jiang Weisong and Chen Zuohuang. He is the outstanding student among the disciples of Qi Baishi. He is famous in the art circle for calligraphy print and enjoys good reputation in the appreciation of poetry and painting. Influenced by his family, Ma Zikai read classics and studied art, accumulated knowledge for years. He has benefited from famous masters from north to south. He is famous in the art circle for calligraphy print and enjoys good reputation in the appreciation of poetry and painting. Now he acts as member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, executive vice president of Chinese Calligraphy Academic Research Institute, visiting scholar of Peking University, national Level I artist, president of Shuyu Publishing House, curator of Beijing Xiangshan Art Gallery, academic editor-in-chief of China National Academy of Painting, associate editor of the national key book Chinese Book Collection, editorial board member of Chinese Art Encyclopedia and Calligraphy Collection.

The major creator of the activity is the founder of China Dahe Investment Holding Group, the planner of Dahe Art Space Mr. He Chaobin. He is the leading figure of the communication culture industry in China, one of the first top ten advertising managers in China, top ten figures with outstanding contributions for 25 years in China's advertising industry; vice president of China Advertising Association, member of Nanjing CPPCC, vice chairman of Nanjing Association of Industry and Commerce, cultural celebrity in Nanjing. The activity aims to make use of advertising resources to spread Chinese traditional culture out, and deliver friendly blessings to the world.

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