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Mobile video ads expected to take off in 2014

2014 Forecast: Advertisers to focus on mobile ads

More advertisers are likely ramp up their Web video ads, with or without Facebook's experimental system that plays ads on the social network's site automatically, according to one industry executive.

Digital videos will continue to challenge television for advertising budgets as tablets give traditional TVs a run for their money as the primary screen that consumers choose to watch videos on, according to Tod Sacerdoti, founder and CEO of video ad services company BrightRoll.

Driven by the growth of the smartphone and tablet market, advertisers will be more likely to shell out money from their ad budgets for mobile video ads in particular, according to Sacerdoti.

And more companies will adopt programmatic ad buying in which advertisements are bought and sold using an automated system, Sacerdoti said.

And Facebook in particular will build a billion-dollar video ad business, Sacerdoti predicts.

Streaming video via Netflix, Apple TV and Google Chromecast will continue to change how consumers watch videos in 2014 as well, he said.