Global Earth Energy, Inc.'s (GLER) Partner ByoSafe, LLC Provides Report on ByoAg's Agricultural Chemical Product Lines

WILMINGTON, N.C., Dec. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Earth Energy, Inc. (OTCQB:GLER) reports on its 20% partner ByoSafe, LLC's 100% owned agricultural chemicals product line, ByoAg.

ByoAg™ focuses on the development of unique and very effective chemical products, processes, and technology that have unbelievable effects on fungus, algae, viruses, and every type of bacteria. ByoAg's product technology occurs by the combination of a few different elements that when tested individually would have very little effect on most of the diseases infecting the world's food supply chain, but when combined, the results are staggering.

Some of the top agricultural chemical companies in the world have been aggressively attempting to find more information on ByoAg's technology in hopes of finding replacements for their failing products.

ByoSafe, LLC has formed an alliance with JAD-Junta Agroempresarial Dominicana and its laboratories that currently serve over 690,000 members. This alliance will provide members with assessments, recommending chemical controls for all its members. The JAD laboratories will facilitate ongoing research for actual and future products which could enhance the ByoAg™ line of products.

Global Earth Energy, Inc. further states that ByoSafe™, through its ByoAg™ product lines, is currently in the process of negotiating purchase orders for the organic cocoa bean market, as well as other crop protection products for the banana/plantain, coffee and greenhouse areas. The Dominican Republic is a top world provider organic cocoa beans, with over 300,000 acres already dedicated to this crop.

ByoSafe™ LLC holds 100% of the licenses to ByoCoat® Enterprises, Inc.'s, patented, EPA registered, sanitizing and disinfection solution, ByoSolve™ and the license of ByoAg™. ByoAg™ is the agricultural product name with products and technology designed for the world's agricultural sector which can effectively reduce crop diseases and in turn increase per acreage food outputs.

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