The Creative Idea of Dahe Made Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Art Fascinate New York and Other Places Around the World by Its Splendor

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NANJING, China, Dec. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The vision of the entire world was attracted by "the No.1 world advertising screen": NASDAQ big screen will keep playing "你好世界(Hello World)", "圣诞快乐(Merry Christmas)", "新年快乐(Happy New Year)" written with Chinese calligraphy and a Chinese literati painting "the Painting of Humanistic Ancestors" from Christmas to the New Year's Day. To select Christmas and the New Year's Day, to select four famous Chinese calligraphers including Sun Xiaoyun, Xu Yan, Liu Hongyou and Ma Zikai to write blessings in four kinds of fonts including the regular script, cursive script, clerical script and seal character respectively, to select "the Painting of Humanistic Ancestors" created by the new "Nanjing Master" Guo Xiyuan according to the subject matter of the story about the humanistic ancestors including Fu Hsi (the legendary Chinese ruler), Yan Emperor and Yellow Emperor ten thousand years ago, to select "the world crossing", New York Times Square to make the debut of the blessing film "Happy New Year to the World" collectively created by Chinese calligraphers and painters on December 25, the creative idea of China Dahe Cultural Finance Group got Chinese descendants throughout the world moved once again, and made western people exclaim "How charming Chinese culture is!" The most authoritative official media in China including People's Daily and CCTV made report and on-the-spot interview in New York. More than 100 overseas media including LA Times, USA Today, CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel), and etc. all made reports about it.

Chinese literati painting was ever the top art that social elites in history integrated moral quality, scholarship, talent and thought and that was expressed in poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal cutting. Chinese literati paintings enrich the world artistic language due to its unique "implication" and "elegant taste" with literariness, philosophic nature and lyricism. For example, people still take delight in talking about the artistic value and collection story of one of the invaluable representative works of Chinese literati paintings "Painting about Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains". The contemporary leader of literati paintings Guo Xiyuan that Liu Haili, Chen Dayu and Song Wenzhi speak highly of are also deeply loved by the world cultural celebrities such as Li Zhengdao, Ikeda Daisaku et al. The former vice chairman of Shenzhen Artists Association Guo Xiyuan consistently has profound understanding and strong feelings about the origin of Chinese culture. The creative idea of the cultural celebrity in Nanjiang He Chaobing about "Hello World" stimulated the inspiration of Guo Xiyuan to create "the Painting of Humanistic Ancestors". He narrated "the story" about three "humanistic ancestors" to initiate human civilization in the simple and straightforward style of writing--Fu Hsi, distinguished Yin and Yang (the two opposing principles in nature), created eight trigrams, set up characters, and established the ideological source of Chinese civilization; Yu Emperor, made hat and clothes, set up vessel and vehicle, established ancient music modes, created medical science, and united Yan Emperor to unify ancient China; Yan Emperor, made tilling tool, planted refined and coarse grains, established business stores, exploited market, and united Yellow Emperor to unify ancient China. The proposal to "deliver New Year's blessings to the whole world with Chinese humanistic ancestors representing Chinese culture" presented by Dahe Cultural Finance Group obtained active response from the newly elected chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Calligraphers Association, the director of "Chinese Calligraphy Institute" in Japan Liu Hongyou, the curator of Beijing Xiangshan Art Gallery, the winner of "the National Award" of the 7th Calligraphy & Seal Cutting Exhibition and over 30 media at home and abroad. It is played on more than 100 big electronic screens in over 20 provinces and cities including Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Anhui, Shandong and etc. at the same time. What's more, there were the pictures that Chinese people around the world went into the street on their own initiative to hold it high for the purpose of expressing the New Year's blessings to the world and the respect for the humanistic ancestors.

After that, Dahe Cultural Finance Group initiated a series of activities on mainstream network media at home and abroad with the aim to make interactive communication of global e-pals. During the activity, video and pictures with the expectation and blessings for the New Year were sent from more than 50 regions in over 20 countries throughout the world including China, the U.S., the U.K., Germany and etc. People delivered and forwarded greetings online across regions, national boundaries and races, and the sea of red China covered network media including microblog and Wechat at home and facebook, twitter and etc. abroad. Meanwhile, more than 100 advertising companies at home also actively participated in the public benefit activity in order to make contribution to the communication of Chinese culture with their own specialized advantages. The video of "Happy New Year to the World" was shown on more than 100 big screens nationwide to convey blessings to people nationwide. Approximately 100,000,000 relevant results about "Hello World" public service film shown on New York Times Square appeared in Baidu search.

Media at home and abroad such as "" and etc. have also paid close attention to China Dahe Art Space collection and Chinese and overseas powerful artists related to Nanjing, and initiated "Global Promotion Alliance of Dahe Arts" jointly. Its mission is to "make real Chinese artists go to the world market and the world class palace of art" with the support of cooperative resources including multiple art foundations of the UN headquarters in the New York, NASDAQ media company and etc. Chinese and overseas artists including the newly elected new Chinese artist included in the State Archives Shang Ke, the gold award winner of oil paintings throughout the U.S. Jove Wang, the first-line contemporary Australian artist Palla Jeroff, the Dalian painter who ever won a lot of important awards at home Zhou Shigang, the full-time painter in Nanjing Art Academy Zhuang Daojing, the artist for the studies of ancient seal and the Analects of Confucius Ma Zikai et al. signed cooperative agreement with general manager of Dahe Art Space Liu Dongxing at Zijin Mountain Resort in Nanjing, China. Together with the founder of Mei Moses Index Mei Jianping, who returned from the Wall Street and showed "golden finger" once again, the chief representative in China of "Give Them A Hand" Foundation of the UN headquarters in New York Zhang Nike, they attended the launch ceremony of "Global Promotion Alliance of Dahe Arts". Since more than 100 media at home and abroad including Reuters and the Xinhua News Agency made report about the advertisement of Dahe Art Space about "2013 Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition of Top Ten Artists in Nanjing" on "No.1 advertising screen globally" at New York NASDAQ Tower on October 17, the idea of Dahe Art Space about the brand new operation of art market and the action about the promotion of artists globally have obtained consistent focus and good comment from painters, the financial circle, the government and various media.

In the great action of "Realize the win-win situation of art and wealth" shown at the ICBC Wealth Center on December 15, the auction of the works of the artists including "the Great Master in Nanjing" Guo Xiyuan, Chen Shiguang et al. that have signed contract with Dahe Art Space achieved the best deal record at the fidelity auction. The collectors such as the merchant travelling to Japan also gained their favorite artworks through auction, and had face-to-face exchange with the artists. Such kind of act to root art into various wealth halls in China's banks was exactly the successful debut of market promotion uniquely created by Dahe Art Space through "mobile art gallery". It is reported that the action of Dahe Cultural Finance Group to promote Chinese culture and art globally and deliver blessings for Chinese descendants throughout the world in the year of horse is that "the mobile art gallery" will promote the activity of "the calligraphy & painting exhibition during the Chinese New Year" of 60 Chinese powerful calligraphers and painters on the big NASDAQ screen at New York Times Square. Such kind of "art exhibition" to realize communication and linkage with internet through "No.1 global advertising screen" will be also a very creative "new exhibition concept" of "mobile art gallery" promoted by Dahe Art Space. The powerful Chinese artists generally show admiration and appreciation for the global promotion advantage and the market operation effect of Dahe Cultural Finance Group. The calligraphers and painters including Han Xianhong, Zhu Zhigang et al. all came to make negotiation of the matters about promotion, and the institutions such as Pioneer Modern Art Gallery and etc. also showed the desire to establish in-depth and long cooperative relations with Dahe Art Space. The mode in which advertising with great idea draws the curtain open, Chinese culture is promoted globally, the resources such as global media, finance and etc. are intensively integrated, and the marketization operation is carried out makes the advantage of Dahe Cultural Finance Group to make expansion in the direction of the great cultural industry especially highlighted.

Personnel lineup for the creative idea of "Happy New Year to the World" presented by Dahe in China

He Chaobing

The founder of Dahe Group, the leading figure of China's communication cultural industry, one of the first top ten advertising managers in China, top ten figures with outstanding contributions for 25 years in China's advertising industry; vice president of China Advertising Association, member of Nanjing CPPCC, vice chairman of Nanjing Association of Industry and Commerce, cultural celebrity in Nanjing.

Guo Xiyuan

The leading figure of Chinese literati painting that Liu Haili, Chen Dayu and Song Wenzhi are speak highly of.

Born in Zhucheng, Shandong in 1947, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Nanjing University of the Arts in 1969, now acts as professor of Shenzhen University, postgraduate tutor, director of Literati Painting Research Institute, advisor of Shenzhen Artists Association, member of China Artists Association, member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, honorary chairman of Japan Tianhe Artists Association, ever acted as vice chairman of Shenzhen Artists Association and council member of China Artists Association Tourism Friendship Center.

In 1993, six pieces of works including Spring Rain and etc. were collected by the Chinese American physicist Li Zhengdao et al.

In 1994, five pieces of works including the Painting of Summer Lotus and etc. were collected by the president of Japan Soka Gakkai Mr. Ikeda Daisaku and Japan Soka Gakkai.

In 1996, four pieces of works including Desk Sketch and etc. were collected by the Japanese premier Toshiki Kaifu.

In 1998, the works Spring Return was collected by the art gallery of Beijing Painting Academy.

In 1998, ten pieces of works the Painting of Lotus and etc. were collected by Malaysia Soka Gakkai.

In March, 2006, held the individual art exhibition in the National Art Museum of China, three pieces of works including the Portrait of Gongxian and etc. were collected by the National Art Museum of China; published the large individual album the Famous Master in Contemporary China-Guo Xiyuan by People's Fine Arts Publishing House.

In October, 2013, Clouds in Xiajiang (250*90) was auctioned at the price of RMB 825 thousand at the auction of "2013 Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition of Top Ten Artists in Nanjing" held in Nanjing.

Sun Xiaoyun:

Born in August, 1955 in Nanjing, Jiangsu, Level I artist at national level, council member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, specially engaged calligraphy professor of Chinese Calligraphers Association Training Center, chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Calligraphers Association, curator of Jiangsu Provincial Art Gallery, vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Women's Federation, chairman of Nanjing Municipal Calligraphers Association, deputy director of Nanjiang Painting and Calligraphy Academy, member of Canglang Publishing House, entitled to special government allowance of the State Council.

Xu Yan

Now act as the calligrapher stationed in Jiangsu Provincial Calligraphers Association, council member of Jiangsu Provincial Calligraphers Association, national Level I artist, member of China Calligraphers Association, member of China Standard Cursive Script Society, committee member of Jiangsu Provincial Women Intellectual Friendship Committee, member of Jiangsu Provincial China Democratic League, member of Jiangsu Provincial Youth Federation. Ever won the highest award "the National Award" at the 7th Calligraphy & Seal Cutting Exhibition, "the highest award" of the 3rd National Regular Script Exhibition and etc. for the calligraphy works.

Liu Hongyou

Now set up Chinese Calligraphy Institute in Japan where he gives lecture about calligraphy, and has received more than 3000 students successively. Act as president of Chinese Calligraphers Institute set up in Japan, deputy dean & executive secretary-general of China People's Calligraphy & Painting Institute. His large calligraphy works Niannujiao • Meditation on the Past on the Red Cliff is hung in the big banquet hall of China's embassy in Japan.

Ma Zikai

Born in Jinan in 1969, also named Zhikai, Yanke, Muzhai. As the contemporary famous artist for the studies of Chinese ancient civilization, he accepted court instruction when he was very young, read classics and studied art, learned from Mr. Xu Linlu, Wu Zhongqi, Jiang Weisong and Chen Zuohuang. He is the outstanding student among the disciples of Qi Baishi. He is famous in the art circle for calligraphy print and enjoys a good reputation in the appreciation of poetry and painting. Influenced by his family, Ma Zikai read classics and studied art, accumulated knowledge for years. He has benefited from famous masters from north to south. He is famous in the art circle for calligraphy print and enjoys a good reputation in the appreciation of poetry and painting. In the 1980s, he enjoyed great reputation in the artistic and literary circles. He ever worked and studied in Capital Normal University, Peking University and China National Academy of Painting. Now he acts as member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, executive vice president of Chinese Calligraphy Academic Research Institute, visiting scholar of Peking University, national Level I artist, president of Shuyu Publishing House, curator of Beijing Xiangshan Art Gallery, academic editor-in-chief of China National Academy of Painting, associate editor of the national key book Chinese Book Collection, editorial board member of Chinese Art Encyclopedia and Calligraphy Collection.

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