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MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Dec. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For the first time in history, SkinPro has released an anti-aging serum with a Vitamin C concentration of 22%. Why is this so notable? Vitamin C in high concentrations can crystallize upon opening thus rendering it unusable for commercial applications. However, cosmetic pharmacist Irwin Grams worked tirelessly to crack the crystallization code. No skin care company has ever formulated a serum with this high of a concentration of Vitamin C. Named the DelfogoRx Professional Vitamin C 22% Anti-Aging Serum, this product also contains an extreme of 0.8% dose of Ferulic Acid along with a potent 2% concentration of Vitamin E. To put this scientific feat in to perspective, Skinceuticals C E Ferulic (MSRP $153.00), contains only 15% Vitamin C, 0.5% Ferulic Acid and 1% Vitamin E and it is considered to be an industry leader and is a perennial best seller in the category.

3 Key Ingredients - Vitamin C (22%), Ferulic Acid (0.8%) and Vitamin E (2%) work cohesively to offer the following consumer benefits:

- Stimulate collagen synthesis to make the skin appear younger, firmer & more vibrant.

- Reduce the signs of aging and diminish the appearance of photo damage & sun damage through the stimulation of collagen production.

- The most advanced environmental protection against all forms of UVA, UVB and infrared radiation and exposure.

- Increase the skin firmness and elasticity upon application, which replenishes the skin cells in order to reduce wrinkles and wrinkle depth.

- Act as a super antioxidant that also enhances the protection of sunscreen against damaging solar rays to better protect the skin against future damage.

The DelfogoRx Professional Vitamin C 22% Anti-Aging Serum also contains pure hyaluronic acid for enhanced moisturizing efficacy.

Due to its industry professional rating, this serum is dispensed by a medical dropper and is completely natural, non comedogenic and free of all parabens and alcohol.

SkinPro's COO David Schmidt is extremely proud of SkinPro's most recent accomplishment. He notes, "We continue to push ourselves, our team and our scientists to develop products that our competition simply cannot fathom. This new serum might just be our best work yet. We are beyond pleased to be the first to the exploding Vitamin C serum market with a serum of unprecedented potency."

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