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Chart of the Day: Gas prices took a wild ride in 2013

The price of gasoline took the long way around in 2013, ending the year just a few cents from its starting point, at least for the average national price and that of California and Massachusetts.

Predictably, the average weekly price of a gallon of regular gas in California stayed well above that of the U.S. average. California's average peaked in winter, hitting its weekly high for the year, $4.21, the week of Feb. 25. Its low for the year came the week of Nov. 25, at $3.55.

The U.S. average topped out at $3.78 a gallon on Feb. 25, and its low, $3.19, was reached on the week of Nov. 11.

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Representing the East Coast, Massachusetts' prices stayed more stable than the other two markets. Its weekly high for the year also hit on Feb. 25, at $3.74, and it bottomed out the week of Nov. 11, at $3.31.

—Elisabeth Butler Cordova