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Tech has 'help wanted' sign out, but are wages inflated?

Tech Yeah! Firms hiring in 2014

Most technology companies say they plan to hire early next year, but demand for computer scientists has led to a salary bubble, according to one analyst.

About 73 percent of firms plan to hire new experts in the next six months, according to a survey of the 900 tech-focused hiring managers polled by tech job site

Computer scientists make an average of $100,600 a year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"I actually think there's a VC-driven tech salary bubble in Silicon Valley," said Sascha Segan, analyst at

Companies are competing for a pool of tech experts who've been quitting employers in favor of higher-paying positions, data suggest.

But those companies are looking for very specific skill sets, which can change quickly, said Segan, who had advice for candidates.

"Keep an eye on what the skills in demand are and be ready to adapt, because the programming language you're writing in this year isn't necessarily going to be the one you need to write in four years from now," he said.

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