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This stock is part of a worldwide revolution: Strategist

This stock part of worldwide revolution: Strategist

If you've been holding on to shares of 3D Systems this week, you could be excused for wearing a neck brace.

Shares in the 3D printing company closed up or down in a 10%-wide range over the past week. That said, the stock has had a phenomenal year; it's up 155% since the start of 2013. But, is this a stock that is capable of virtually printing returns next year for investors the way it has this year?

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"I do have some concerns near-term," says Ryan Detrick, Senior Technical Strategist at Schaeffer's Investment Research. "Shares are up 100% from their lows in October. So, right there's a little warning."

Detrick says the stock used its 200-day moving average as support and it may well move back down to it once more. "It's about 75% above that 200-day moving average," notes Detrick. "It's a name I like longer-term but, near term, I'd rather have some type of pullback consolidation because it's very extended."

Detrick sees the $80 price level as key for this stock. "A pullback to that $80 level which was resistance before could be support now," he says. "On a pullback to the shorter-term moving averages, that's where I think a good entry could come from on a risk/reward point of view."

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Jeff Tomasulo, managing partner at Belpointe Alternative Investments, thinks 3D Systems is a way to play what he sees as a groundbreaking industry.

"It is revolutionizing manufacturing businesses around the world," says of 3D printing. "This market is underpenetrated. It is in the early phases of its growth stage, so you've got to stick with these stocks but you also have to use really good risk management."

To see more of the analysis on 3D systems by Detrick and Tomasulo, watch the video above.

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