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BUFFALO, N.Y., Jan. 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Castel Communications, LLC today announced customizable audit console feature will be released with next version of Castel Detect™ Voice and Speech Analysis Solution.

"Customers are looking forward to our easy-to-use and customizable audit reporting capabilities that support their needs to communicate with and share the results of their business and best practices with their immediate clients and regulatory bodies", said John Ripa, Castel's COO. "Using profiles, customers can create and edit their own scoring criteria as needed."

Castel Detect's™ Audit Console improves the evaluation, coaching, and auditing by providing intelligent information to management right at the close of the conversation. Features include:

  • The ability to automatically identify any system generated event that includes a particular emotion detected, absence or presence of a word or phrase by either agent or customer, or combination of system identified events. For example should events occur which include particular levels of anger and stress, in addition to a statement by customer referring to attorney representation and bankruptcy, a list of all calls meeting that criteria is generated.
  • Multiple audit profiles can be created and scored for different scenarios:
    -- Compliance versus customer satisfaction can be set up as individual scorecards.
    -- Customizable scorecards include event category weighting (points).
  • Includes the ability to review, listen to, comment upon and add call and event disposition coding.
  • Randomized call selection supports client's requirements to review and score randomly selected calls.
  • Easy access to audio associated with evaluation and full call histogram (emotions, words, phrases captured during live call).
  • Diverse, customized and self-created reports that can be sorted by various characteristics including date, event type (emotions, words, phrases), agent name and more.

This latest version of Castel Detect™ is slated to be rolled out to existing customers starting in Q1. To see a live demonstration of Castel Detect™, please call 800.657.8215 or visit www.castel.com

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