Electronic Systems Technology, Inc. Receives Latest Order From Large Military Contractor

KENNEWICK, Wash., Jan. 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Electronic Systems Technology, Inc. (EST) (OTCQB:ELST), dba ESTeem Wireless Modems, the manufacturer of the ESTeem™ product line of narrow band licensed, Ethernet licensed and unlicensed wireless modems, today announced the latest order in a large military contract for our wireless Ethernet modems for a continuing project that started in 2011. The ESTeem Model 195Eg series, used in this mobile ballistic defense hardware system, provides the customer a reliable, rapidly deployable wireless Ethernet and Serial Mesh network in mission critical environments.

"The ESTeem 195E series wireless modems used for this application was designed specifically for the rigors of military and industrial applications. The 195E's outdoor, pole mounted case and ease of programming reduce installation time and provide greater network reliability in harsh environments for use 24/7," states Tom Kirchner, President of ESTeem.

Electronic Systems Technology (EST) has been a publicly held Corporation since 1984. EST was the first company to develop the wireless modem receiving both the United States and Canadian patents for this technology.

For more details, contact: Laura Pedersen, pedersen@esteem.com or 509-735-9092 x100.

Source:Electronic Systems Technology, Inc.